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BLS Students shine in Le Gran Concours 2018

106 students ranked nationally in Le Gran Concours 2018

106 BLS Students Ranked Nationally in Le Grand Concours (National French Contest)

106 BLS students ranked nationally in the 83rd annual event, according to Lisa Narug, National Director of Le Grand Concours. Le Grand Concours is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students were evaluated for their written, oral and listening comprehension skills in French. More than 75,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2018 event.
212 students in total participated across levels 1-5 with the support of BLS French teachers Ms. Lapointe-Prospere and Ms. Blackler.
AATF President Catherine Danièlou indicated: French students who rank nationally in Le Grand Concours demonstrate a superior level of global responsibility, integrative cultural competence, language skills, and commitment to excellence and dedication. They significantly increase their community’s international profile. Their French teachers, whom they honor, work hard to produce responsible world citizens with multilingual capabilities. Le Grand Concours participants and winners all embrace an appreciation for other cultures, strive to continually learn and improve, and value the study of French. We are very proud of them and admire their commitment to both contributing to a better world and serving as exceptional ambassadors for their schools.
For more information about the National French Contest, please visit our website:
Students are listed according to prize and alphabetically by last name; all the levels are mixed together.

95th-99th percentile
Garity, Thomas
Lowery, Juliette
Molho, Sofia
Nardin, Oliviero

85th-90th percentile
Adetoye, Esther
Azzouzi, Zaynab
Berman Reinhardt, Graciela
Connolly, Grace
Connolly, Sarah
Gipstein, Urvi
Hernandez, Yeison
Jean Laurent, Naika
Jean-Baptiste, Julia
Kennedy, Grace
L’Huilluier, Isabelle
Li, Janna
Mullady, Clarice
Oster, Liv
Tranduc, Stephanie
Troy, Gabriella
Wang, Daisy
Weiss, Andre
Zhen, Ziqi

75th-80th percentile
Buckingham, Bronte
Burfeind, Sam
Carrig, Naomi
Corsini, Sebastian
Faustin, Anne-Julie
Grace, Amy
Gutierrez, Carlos
Han, Reyna
Hanlon, Lily
Hernandez, Jades
Hoang, Vivian
Mostolavsky, Dailiah
Oliveira, Julia
Prizant, Leah
Soto, Saul
Tran, Kimberly

Honorable Mention
50th-70th percentiles
Anderson, Molly
Antonio, Miggy
Augustin, Danielle
Badawi, Christian
Bradford, Althea
Chahwan, Joy
Chen, Pin Yi
Chen, Queenie
Chilakapati, Manasvi
Colque, Mariana
Cusack, Rose
Dalmanieras, Adamantia
Detemple, Alphie
Di Iulio, Sofia
Durcan, Virginia
Finocchio, Gabriella
Fountas, Maria
Francis, Christina
Garity, Elizabeth
Ghazaleh, Mary
Gillespie, Brooks
Goodrich, Isabelle
Han, Alice
Huynh, Hanson
Ihionu, Chukwuemeka
Kirchman, Tara
Knight, Beatrix
Lane, Cydnee
Lefevre, Angie
Linso, Ellen
Liu, Gwen
Lu, Emma
Mahon, Hailey
Mei, Shuwen
Mills, Duncan
Nguyen, Celina
Niziolek, Peter
Norek, Jessica
Obsequio, Trisha
Offre, Ebony
Pena Acosta, Carlos
Pham, Angelica
Ruelo, Elline
Said, Balqis
Schneider, Danielle
Sencharles, Jason
Stevenson-Swadling, Morgan
Tang, Jessica
Tang, Max
Tavares, Ayisha
Truong, Vy
Tschumakow, Alina
Vekiarides, Julia
Velichkov, Alexander
Vo, Andy
Witten, Emily
Xu, Li
Youssoufian, Armen
Yu, Lucy
Zhang, Lina
Zielonka, Meredith

Posted on June 4, 2018