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MFL AP Summer Work available!

Attention all students taking AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature next year!

Attention all students taking an AP course in a Modern Foreign Language next year! Summer assignments have been posted on ---->Core Academics and Programs ----->Modern Languages ---->Modern Languages Summer Work.
Please see the following teachers if you have any questions about the assignments or need paper copies:

AP Chinese: Ms. Yang, room 219
AP French: Ms. Blackler, room 004
AP German: Ms. Kuchta, room 136
AP Italian: Ms. Myette, room 212
AP Spanish Language: Ms. Chouinard, room 132 and Ms. Perry de la Rosa, room 131
AP Spanish Literature: Mrs. Kelley, room 256 (office across from 219)

The purpose of the work is to help you maintain your skills over the summer and get a head start with the work you will be doing all year. Work will be due to your teachers the first day of school. You can also email the teachers or Mrs. Kelley directly with questions.

Posted on June 13, 2018