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Musicians, Vocalists Headed to Sr. Districts

12 Recommended for All-State

Congratulations to the following BLS students who were selected into the MMEA Eastern Senior District Music Festival! 

BLS starts off 2019 by hosting the MMEA Sr. Festival on January 4 and 5. Thirty BLS students will be joined by other distinguished HS musicians in working with top clinicians for two days of rehearsals that culminate in amazing concerts on Saturday, Jan. 5. 

Several students also earned All State recommendations.

Name,        Ensemble,       Instrument     
Leo Codiga, jazz, Tenor Sax, All State Rec

Ross Mikulskis, jazz, Trumpet, All State Rec

Alex Jin, jazz, Trombone, All State Rec

Ajani Boyd, strings, String Bass

Mona Wang, strings, Viola

Dalilah Mostoslavsky, strings, Violin

Brianna Li, strings,  Violin

David Qian, strings, Violin

Nora Bergman, winds/perc, Flute, All State Rec

Irene Ju, winds/perc, Flute All State Rec

Lienna Peng, winds/perc, Oboe

Liv Oster, winds/perc, Oboe, All State Rec

Christopher Zhou, winds/perc, Clarinet

Tony Wang, winds/perc, Alto Sax, All State Rec

Juan Long, winds/perc, Bassoon

Cindy Zhou, winds/perc, Bassoon

Jason Gao, winds/perc, Trumpet, All State Rec

Samuel Cheever, winds/perc, Snare

Madeline Caruso, Chorus, Alto, All State Rec

Ashley Chung, Chorus, Soprano, All State Rec

Alexander Dimanno, Chorus, Bass, All State Rec

Anna Pham, Chorus, Soprano, All State Rec

Kevin Qi, Chorus, Bass

Sofia Papadopoulos, Chorus, Alto

John Nagasawa, Chorus, Bass

Lydia McCarthy, Chorus, Alto

Andrew McKenna, Chorus, Tenor

Sarah Lindeman, Chorus, Soprano

William Hu, Chorus, Tenor

Sam Bogomolni, Chorus, Tenor

Posted on December 1, 2018 • Updated on January 2, 2019