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Topol Fellows Host 2nd Annual Moth Story Day

The second annual Moth Story Day, organized by Boston Latin’s Topol Fellows, featured students and faculty presenting 10-minute stories in a day-long series of sessions on Monday, February 4, in the Black Box theater. Last year’s event featured stories from students reflecting on triumphing over adversity — from life-threatening accidents to being caught up in a neighborhood shooting. 

Moth stories originated in 1997, first as local live events, then as a radio program and podcast and now as events all over the world. Over 25,000 Moth stories have been recorded to date. All stories are true, as seen from the perspective of the storyteller, and are delivered mostly extemporaneously for approximately ten minutes each.

Boston Latin’s second cohort of Topol fellows initiated the Moth Story Day in 2018 as a vehicle for giving members of the BLS community opportunities to share their personal stories with the community as a whole.

This has been a busy year for the Topol Fellows. In June, 10 of the 17 Topol fellows traveled to Montgomery, Alabama, for three days to visit the new National Memorial to Peace and Justice as well as the Legacy Museum, Martin Luther King Jr.’s parsonage and church, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Rosa Parks Museum.

Back at BLS, they organized an opening day community-building lollipop event with inspirational messages for the beginning of school. In October, the Topol fellows organized an extremely successful voter registration drive and succeeded in registering more than 150 seniors so that they would be immediately eligible to vote after their 18th birthdays. With BLS STAND for Human Rights, they organized this year’s Human Rights Day in November. A new initiative — inspirational lyrics posted weekly in the main lobby — has been going on since October. With the Moth day, they kick off the second half of the year with a powerful event that promises to become an annual BLS tradition.

Contributed by the 2018-2019 Topol Fellows:
Dan Bryan ’19, Tracey Do ’19, Jada Evora ’19, David Flagg ’19, Laura Goodfield ’19, Ben Hofmann ’19, Iman Hussain ’19, Ammal Jama ’19, Sydney Lang ’19, Jasmine Nguyen ’19, Emily Ringrose ’19, Marilyn Rodriguez ’19, Kay St. Fleur ’19, Rachel Silverman ’19, Rafaela Ugarte-Nuñez ’19, Elena Vietri ’19, Katie Wilson ’19

Posted on March 5, 2019