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JCL Achieves Success at Princeton Certamen Tournament

On Saturday, March 2, our Certamen teams competed against other schools from all over the Northeast and Midwest at Princeton University. Our students showed great poise throughout the entire competition and three of our teams made it to Finals.

Lousia Hemr (V), Kyler Hoogendoorn-Ecker (V), and Mathew Mabington (V) earned 2nd place in the Novice division.

Ben Ehrman (III), Ethan Clark (III), Danny Nguyen (III), and David Van Hise (III) earned 3rd place in the Advanced division.

Dante Minutillo (II), Clair Fu (I), and Ashley Chou (I) earned first place in the Advanced division.

Also Kyler Hoogendoorn-Ecker (V) and Dante Minutillo (II) took MVP honors for their respective levels.

Posted on March 11, 2019