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Congrats to High School Science Bowl and History Bowl Teams

Congrats to the BLS High School Science Bowl teams at the Northeast Super Regional. Both A and B teams made the championship bracket in playoffs, and the A team finished 4th. The A team included Kevin S. Qi (I), Austin Wang (I), Conrad Hock (II), and Christy Jestin (II).The B team included Jerry Han (I), Serena Cai (II), John Lin (III), and Alice Wu (III).

Congrats to the BLS History Bowl teams at the New England’s tournament. BLS A finished 2nd after defeating BLS B in the semifinals. The A team included Sebastian Suarez (I), Nicholas Weiske (I), and Christy Jestin (II), and the B team included Enio Andoni (I), Aidan Goldberg (I), Sam Zuniga (I), and Joseph Terrey (III).

Please email or if interested in joining the middle school or high school science bowl or history bowl teams.

Posted on March 13, 2019