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BLS Team, ImmAID, Wins Grand Prize at 2019 Babson Olympiad

Congrats to Zayna Azzouzi, Julia Epshtein, and Khadija Raza who took 1st Place at the 2019 Babson Olympiad with their entry, ImmAID.

Team ImmAID's Winning Pitch:
"We view immigrants not as victims, but instead as a vibrant, resilient and underserved market that will drive the expansion of America’s future. This is why we created ImmAID, a first generation woman run business that aims to connect immigrants to services like community centers, English classes, and discussion forums. Our one-stop-shop website with premium subscription, priced at $5.99 a month, gives users access to job fairs, networking events, and private chat boxes. We are local, online, and will start in the Boston area with expansion to other cities using local stakeholders."

From its website: "The Babson Olympiad is a virtual high school pitch competition that brings together teams of young entrepreneurs from around the world to battle their venture ideas. As the #1 College for Entrepreneurship, Babson College is proud to host this spring event where young entrepreneurs identify opportunities for innovation, share with peers and industry experts about the value they are capable of adding, and ask for the resources they need to move forward."

Posted on May 8, 2019 • Updated on May 10, 2019