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JCL Earns Multiple Honors at State Convention

BLS won 1st place in the whole school contests, including 1st place in Publications (editor Alice Wu), 1st place: Promo video, 2nd place website (editor Jinwoo Kim), 2nd place community service (coordinators Karen Mai and Jack Trapanick), and 2nd/3rd in various Publicity contests (officers Cindy Zou, John Lin, and Emily Sun).

The Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced certamen teams each won 1st place with impressive performances in both prelims and finals. 
Novice team: Kyler Hoogendoorn-Ecker, Louisa Hemr, Owen Butler, Mathew Mabington, Karen Dong (Coach: Moguel)
Intermediate team: Jack Trapanick, Alex Chou, Joshua Emokpae, Devin Ho, Augustine Nguyen, Vinnie O'Byrne, Sanjana Singh (Coach: Brownell)
Advanced team: Dante Minutillo, Ashley Chou, Carina Layfield, Clair Fu, Masha Leyfer, Ethan Clark, Jinwoo Kim, Xiangan He

All three BLS candidates were elected to the 2019-2020 MassJCL executive board. Luc Azar-Tanguay will serve as the Parliamentarian, Alex Chou as the Treasurer, and Jess Schnitzer as President! All candidates campaigned admirably and impressed both students and teachers from other schools.

The following students scored the most points overall in contests across all grades and levels of Latin at Convention.

​​​​​​​Top Students in Academic Contests:
3rd- Louisa Hemr
2nd- Clair Fu
1st- Dante Minutillo

Top Students in Graphic Arts Contests:
3rd- Carly Ramos
2nd- Jenny Chen
1st- Julie Lam

Top Students in Creative Arts Contests:
3rd- Alex Chou & Sanjana Singh
2nd- Dante Minutillo
1st- Ashley Chou

Top Students in Olympika Contests:
2nd - Ulysses Brenzel

Overall Top Students Across Multiple Categories:
10th- Augustine Nguyen
9th- Julie Lam
8th- Karen Mai
7th- Ruth Shiferaw & Devin Ho
5th- Charles Ma
4th- Alex Chou
3rd- Clair Fu
2nd- Dante Minutillo
1st- Ashley Chou

Click to see the individual BLS awards from the Convention. Images are available on this Flickr​​​​​​​ page, and the JCL trophy case near the dining hall has been updated!

Posted on May 15, 2019 • Updated on May 16, 2019