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Congrats to Prize Reading Winners

The English Department is pleased to announce the winners of this year's Prize Reading competition:

Winners of the Francis Gardner Prize for Excellence in Reading:

First Prize : Carina Layfield, I
Second Prize: Samuel Cheever, II
Third Prize : Charles Ma, II and Meredith Zielonka, II (tie)

Special Prizes, Classes III and IV: Ruth Shiferaw, III and Claer Jestin, III

Special Prizes, Classes V and VI: Janie Roussin, VI: Siena Furfaro, VI 

Congratulations to all participants in this competition, and special thanks to judges Mx. Amico, Mr. Barry, Mr. Concannon, Mr. Giordano, Ms. McDonald-Long, Ms. Pierce,
and Mr. Sanford for their service. 

Posted on May 16, 2019