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Modern Languages News

113 BLS Students earn Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy!

Highlighting their proficiency in English and other languages, 45 students earn the Seal of Biliteracy, 58 earn the Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction

恭喜!Herzlichen Glückwunsch! ¡Enhorabuena! Félicitations! Congratulazioni! Gratulationes!

Boston Public Schools is participating in the Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy for the first time!
The Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy award recognizes students who have achieved proficiency in English as well as one or more additional languages, whether it be a native language, a heritage language, or an additional language learned in school or in another setting. It is a statement of accomplishment that helps to signal evidence of a student’s readiness for career and college, and to engage as a global citizen. The Seal, a component of the Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK) Act, which was passed into law in 2017, was available for the first time this year in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy criteria is:
  • Meets all graduation requirements
  • English Criteria: a minimum score of 240 on the ELA MCAS 2.0 or attainment of a composite score of 4.2 on WIDA ACCESS test AND
  • Foreign Language Criteria: attainment of a minimum Intermediate High score on the STAMP Assessment aligned to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines OR Attainment of a score of 4 or higher on the AP Language test/IB Exam
As of June 2019, Boston Latin School proudly has 113 students who qualified with proficiency in English and one or more other languages. 45 students earned the State Seal, and 58 students earned the State Seal with Distinction. Most of the students earned their AP scores last year as juniors.

Congratulations to the students for their hard work during their careers at BLS as well as the teachers in both the Classics Department and Modern Language Department for guiding students to achieve Intermediate and Advanced proficiency levels on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Congratulations to families and friends who have encouraged and fostered the learning of languages at home.

Students qualifying in more than one language plus English:
Joana Avrami       Spanish, Latin
Emma Berens      Spanish, Latin
Ashley Chou        Chinese, Latin
David Flagg          Spanish, Latin
Oliveiro Nardin     French, German, Italian
Ryan Nie              Chinese, Latin
Kevin Qi               Chinese, Latin
Christine Shi         Spanish, Latin
Susan Tang          Chinese, Latin
Jia Yu                   Chinese, Spanish
Sam Zuniga          Spanish, Latin

Seal with Distinction
Xing Yi Chen
Ashley Chou
Angela Deng
Yanxi Fang
Jerry Han
Tin Yau Lee
Madeline Ma
Alice Mei
Kevin Qi
Andrew Wang
Matthew Q. Wang
Benjamin C. Wong
Jia Yu

Thamar Jean Laurent
Oliveiro Nardin

Stella Dzialas
Conrad Hock
Yanqing Huang
Afton Kirkpatrick
Maia McGonagle
Oliveiro Nardin
Sebastian Suarez
Polina Yudin

Oliveiro Nardin

Joana Avrami
Emma Berens
Carol Cao
Ashley Chou
David Flagg
Cydnee Lane
Mary Leyfer
Mia Loureiro
Ryan Nie
Meliak Oldjira
Jairam Rao
Christine Shi
Hui Shi
Susan Tang
Anthony Wang
Nicholas Weiske
Samuel Zuniga

Sabrina Almeida
Enio Andoni
Joana Avrami
Jean Azar Tanguay
Dasha Belobokova
Dulce Bernal
Naomi Caines
Ashley Chung
Miles Dutzik Henricks
David Flagg
Gabriella Izzo
Alexander Kim
Halle Kyne
Sydney Lang
Genesis Medina
Emily Ringrose
Julia Rivera
Christine Shi
Charlotte Terrass
Richard Tran
Elena Vietri
Liane Xu
Samuel Zuniga
Jia Yu

Seal of Biliteracy
Charles Cao
Henry Liu
Simon Lu
Ryan Nie
Susan Tang
Austin Wang
Lihui Zhang
Christopher Zhou

Siver Aarestad
Max Dahlstrom
Maia Dunne Duarte
Emily Liu
Kiana Nguyen
Laura Nguyen
Natalia Paniagua
Cameron Russell
Shi Hui
Rafaela Ugarte Nuñez
Lily Yang

Angelique Jean-Noel
Mackenzie Kelly
Olivia Lane
Carina Layfield
Kevin Qi

Emma Berens
John Bruntrager
Diana Corkindale
Noah Delaski
Tracey Do
Zachary Doiron
Krishan Eskew
Nora Everly
Joralbert Feliz
James Han
Kyle Kelley
Sarah Ly
Darielys Marrero
Adacie McEnerney
Crisbelys Melo
John Nagasawa
Berniece Perello
Milca Pierre
Perrin Price
Hazel Royer
Sarah Tannert Lerner
Michaela Tecson
Sophia Tran
Devin Vasquez
Yumin Wei

For more information about the Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy, go to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education here  

Source: MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Posted on June 13, 2019