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Sidney Topol ’41 NHS Speaker and Lower Frieze Induction

Sidney Topol ’41 served as keynote speaker and honoree during the National Honor Society ceremony on Wednesday, May 29. The announcement of his name being installed on the Assembly Hall’s Lower Frieze was part of the special presentation. Many former Topol Fellows returned for this occasion to celebrate him.

His remarks to students and faculty including these words of wisdom:
1. Success in life doesn’t come in a straight line. There will be bumps. Keep going.
2. Success is 5% ideas, 95% follow up.
3. Show up ON TIME.
4. Do well, but also do good.
5. As you move up the ladder, don’t pull up the ladder behind you.

Class II students who have been selected as this upcoming year's Topol Fellows for Peace and Non-Violence were also presented during the NHS ceremony.
Topol Fellows hold their fellowship for a calendar year, beginning in June. Essentially they serve as advocates and leaders of an extracurricular program that brings about greater awareness at BLS of peace and non-violence efforts worldwide. Topol Fellows also have the chance to take part in several regional field trips to meet with activists, individuals and organizations involved with peace and non-violence efforts.

Learn more about the Topol Fellows here​​​​​​​.

Posted on May 29, 2019 • Updated on July 26, 2019