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New Logos for BLS and the BLSA

A New Visual Identity for America’s First Public School and the BLSA

The need for Boston Latin School to develop a consistent visual identity, inclusive of Wolfpack athletics, as well as the right time to revisit the Boston Latin School Association logo, in existence since 2003, became a focus in the fall of 2018. A number of presentations for “BLS”, “Boston Latin School,” and the Wolfpack, featuring a wide variety of fonts and graphics, made the compelling case for developing a consistent visual brand.

This redesign effort’s objective was to create a visual identity that renews pride in Boston Latin School, the nation’s oldest public school founded in 1635, the Wolfpack athletics program, as well as the Boston Latin School Association founded in 1844, and help drive consistency of communication to both internal and external constituencies as well as the public.

Our design partner, Graphic Details, began the process with a competitive analysis of brand identities for Latin schools nationwide, local high schools, and those schools that feature a wolf as the team mascot.

The new artwork, both unique to BLS and the BLSA, ties back to the school’s long-storied heritage, while affirming BLS as a contemporary, forward thinking institution for the 21st century. New graphic elements include a BLS logo, wolf, Wolfpack and Latin wordmarks, varsity letter L, Paw, and BLSA logo. For the BLS and the BLSA logo graphic, the façade of the building coupled with the cupola is particularly recognizable among members of the BLS learning community, alumni, and people with an affinity for the school. The prominent placement of the 1635 founding date on top of the shield became an important feature to signify the unique status of the school in U.S. history. The radiating lines provide visual interest and reaffirm Latin School as a beacon of opportunity in education. The result is The Façade with Cupola logo that conveys the valuable history of Boston Latin School while remaining sleek and modern for ease of representation across all media channels.

The existing circular seals with Romulus and Remus will remain in use for official purposes such as diplomas, transcripts, class rings, alumni awards, approbation cards, etc. The new logo does not replace the seal, but elevates the seal to high ceremonial function as is common practice for most educational institutions.

In the coming weeks you will see the new logos presented in various formats, from signage to presentation materials, publications to social media. The new Wolfpack visual identity will appear on the uniforms and apparel for all sports beginning this fall. Items featuring the new logos will soon be available for purchase at the BLS School Store both in person and at Stay tuned!

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Posted on September 4, 2019 • Updated on September 16, 2019