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AP US History is a year-long course that fulfills the state-required US History course in High School, as well as prepares students for the College Board's Advanced Placement U.S. History examination. As a college level course, the entire History of the United States, starting with pre-Columbian American civilization through to the present day is covered. The book used is a college text, and students are expected to read and study 10-20 pages nightly, preparing for daily quizzes, in order to cover the entire text by April. The majority of assessment in the course is styled after the AP exam, thus consisting of analytical multiple choice exams and timed, in-class essays that are rigorously scored to teach analytical, evidentiary historical writing, with a focus on persuasive rhetorical skills.

While the only requirement for taking the course is a sincere desire to undertake the work involved, the accelerated pace and coverage of the course is very demanding. The jump from the high school level text used in World History to the college level text used in AP US History is a challenge for most students, as is the expectation for independent reading, study, and learning of text-based material. Students who wish to do well in the course and on the subsequent exam should expect to spend at least 1 hour per night on reading, studying, and writing for the course. Because of the lecture-based nature of the course, students will find daily class attendance to be critical for a full understanding of topics covered.

Students are required to take the Advanced Placement Exam in May.

A summer reading assignment, with a test on material covered within the first few days of school, is required.

This course corresponds to content requirements and learning standards outlined in the College Board’s Advanced Placement United States History Course Description.