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This course surveys world art and architecture from antiquity to the present. The visual arts and architecture will be considered in their historical, political, philosophical, sociological, humanistic, and aesthetic contexts. Formal, technical, and stylistic developments within painting, sculpture, and architecture will be explored, and a cross-cultural approach to artistic impulses and borrowings will be central to our study. Works of art will be studied using simultaneous dual-screen projection and comparison. The intentions of artists, the context in which works of art were created (from patronage to function), the iconography of particular works of art, and key technical and formal innovations will be key areas of emphasis throughout the course. Students will learn to understand the variety of artistic expression that has occurred within civilization and to understand how art is a reflection of the society in which it was created. They will learn to identify key works of art, examine them critically, with sensitivity and intelligence, and articulate what they see or understand about them.

Art History may be taken as a history elective OR as a visual and performing arts elective during the junior or senior year.