Modern Languages
Work for 2019-2020 AP classes! 
Find the course you are taking and read the description.  There may be additional documents below as pdf files that you will need as well.  The purpose of the summer work is to help you maintain your language skills.  It is also really helpful to watch tv shows and movies in the language you are studying--check out the options on Netflix! 

See these teachers if you have any questions: 

AP Chinese = Ms. Yang, room 219
AP French = Ms. Blackler, room 004
AP German = Mr. Gavin, room 115
AP Italian = Ms. Myette, room 212 
AP Spanish Language = Ms. Chouinard, room 132 OR Ms. Perry de la Rosa, room 131 
AP Spanish Literature = Mrs. Kelley, room 256 (across from 219) 

Have a great summer and see you in September! 

See Ms. Yang in room 219 to pick up a book and the summer assignment before you leave for the summer. 

Ms. Blackler already sent a link out to everyone in the class, but here it is again for you to copy and paste:

Any questions, email  Ms. Blackler or see her in 004. 

Copy and paste this link

for information on how to join the Google Classroom for AP German and how to access your assignments.  PDF is also below. See or email Mr. Gavin in 115 if you have any questions. 

 Read, I Giovedí della signora Giulia by Piero Chiara, and complete the document below. 
Contact Ms. Myette with any questions. 

BLS-SpanAP-Summer-Work2019.doc is the doc below for summer work. Check with Ms. Chouinard or Ms. Perry de la Rosa if you have any questions. 

There are three different documents for AP Spanish Literature-- 
AP Spanish Lit Summer2017.docx is the file with directions (yes, use this even though it says 2017) 
AP SpLit Readings and Questions.pdf is the file with the three stories and questions. 
Hojas de analisisAP SpLit.pdf is the file with information for each of the three stories to help you understand them better.  
Please make sure you complete the work and have it ready the first day of school!