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Mission Statement:

The Boston Latin School Health Services address the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of all students. It promotes health and wellness and supports student success in mind and body.

 The School Nurse:
  • Is licensed with the Department of Education and the Board of Registration in Nursing
  • Is certified in CPR, AED, and First-Aid.
  • Provides leadership for the provision of all health services.
  • Provides preventative health services and direct intervention services to students and staff.
  • Provides screening and referral for health conditions.
  • Promotes a healthy school environment.
  • Promotes health education
  • Serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community, and health care providers.
  • Is committed to ongoing professional development on health and wellness issues that affect our young people
  • Supports student success by providing health care assessment, education, intervention, and follow-up for all young people within the school setting.

The school nurse is your health gateway to the school.

For more information on the school nurse’s role, immunization and health requirements, physical exams, and other health services for students in Boston, please visit this link

According to a newly revised District Wellness Policy, all students attending secondary school in the Boston Public Schools are permitted access to free condoms at their school, along with appropriate health education and counseling services. As a parent or guardian, you may ask the school not to give your child condoms.

Downloadable Asthma Action Plan (AAP) for students who may need to use their inhaler in school. Please print out a copy for the doctor to fill out, sign it, and return  to the school nurses as soon as possible.  Please discuss with the doctor and your child the importance of having their rescue inhaler available at all times. A renewed AAP should be turned in at the start of every school year.

Downloadable Emergency Action Plan for students with anaphylaxis (potentially life-threatening allergies).
Please print off a copy to take to your child's medical provider and then return to the school nurses as soon as possible.
We recommend that you remind your child to carry their epipen on his/her person at all times.
This Action Plan needs to be renewed every school year.
Please call the Health Room with any questions or concerns.

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