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Course Transfer Information
  1. Requests to make a change from one teacher’s class to another will not be entertained. However, if a student received a final grade of F or F+ in any course at BLS and is assigned to a class this year with the same teacher, that student may submit a request to change to another class.  If possible, the change will be made.

  2. Once all scheduling errors have been corrected, the Registrar will review requests to change an elective course, starting on the 7th day of the term. Students should understand though, that these changes may not be possible since the schedule is very tight.

  3. All requests must have a signature from a teacher, parent, and counselor. All Program Directors must sign indicating support for the change.* The requests should then be submitted in writing to the Registrar, Mr. Lane, in Room 105, from September 13-20, 2019.

  4. Course Transfers – W Grades  Between Days 7 and 12 of the school year, a student may be allowed to drop a course without a W (withdraw) appearing on his/her report card.  After the first 12 school days, if a student drops a course, a grade of W will appear on his/her report card. Any request to drop a course after Day 12 must be due to a failing grade or extenuating circumstance.  The Program Director and Headmaster must approve any change after Day 12.

  5. Course Transfers – Grade Calculation If a student changes course levels after progress reports and or report card grades have been entered, the grade from the original course will transfer to the new course and be used in determining the final grade.
*Requests that involve adding or dropping music or chorus class, an AP course, or an advanced math course must also have the approval of the Program Directors involved.

Students transferring to another school should see Megan Clougherty, Guidance Program Director.