Board of Trustees
Executive Committee
Chair Sean D. Keohane '85
Vice Chair Michelle A. Knight '94
Treasurer Francis J. Flynn '79
Clerk Marta Bergamaschi P'17, '19, '21, '23
BLS Headmaster
Rachel Skerritt '95
Immediate Past Chair
Michael G. Contompasis '57
BLSA President Peter G. Kelly '83

Member Listing
Jane Gorham Connolly P'21, '22
Kenneth B. Crotty '79
Ernani J. DeAraujo '99
John I. Fitzgerald '65
Jim Goodfield P'19, '21
William F. Griffin '60
Magdalena Hernandez ’86, P’22, ’25
Charmane Higgins '87
See Yee Lee '94
Matthew J. O’Malley '97
Barbara W. Peterlin P'16, '20
Yvette I. Philip '02
Nancy Prior '85
Iván A. Ramirez '91
Mitchell J. Sikora '62
William Sinnott '75, P'06, '07, '09
Rosaurys Sosa '99
Catherine Wong '83

If you are interested in applying for a seat on any of the Board's committees, please contact the BLSA.
The Board of Trustees of the Boston Latin School Association has legal responsibility for:
  • setting the policies of the Association, satisfying applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations;
  • selecting and overseeing a president and CEO;
  • approving strategy and program commitments;
  • setting responsible budgets, reviewing audits and managing the Association endowment; and
  • representing the Association's interests to the public.
Standing Committees

The Association's Board of Trustees currently includes 12 standing committees as listed below, though the BLSA Bylaws permit the formation of other committees as the Board of Trustees "determines to be in the best interest of the organization." The Standing Committees are organized in support of the governance responsibilities of the Board of Trustees. These committees offer a forum for the expertise and creativity of the trustees and alumni, as well as facilitate alumni relations, communications, development and other related activities.

Advocacy Committee

This committee advises the board on thoughtful approaches to advancing the best interests of the school in the wider community with goal of protecting the school’s and the association’s reputations in the best interests of Latin School students.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides independent oversight to the financial operations of the Association. Chaired by a non-trustee with membership comprising a mix of trustee and non-trustees with professional audit and financial experience, the committee convenes annually with the Association’s outside auditors to review audit findings and recommendations. The auditors report directly to the committee. The committee evaluates internal controls and management systems. It establishes procedures to review complaints about financial matters, including those from anonymous sources. The chair of the Audit Committee, in accordance with the Association’s Whistle Blower Policy, serves as the organization’s “compliance officer.”

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee receives nominations for the Associations various alumni awards, including the Distinguished Graduate of the Year, the Outstanding Recent Graduate, the Desmond Award, the Lambert Award and the Lee Dunn Award. The committee researches nominees and presents its findings/recommendations to the Board.

Black Alumni Advisory Committee (BAAC)

The purpose of the BAAC is to assist the BLSA in the work of creating an inclusive and nurturing environment for all current and future BLS students, particularly those represented in the minority. Specifically, the BAAC will partner with BLS and BLSA to promote, enhance and monitor the important and meaningful work in cultural sensitivity and inclusion begun by the BLS administration in the winter/spring of 2016. 

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee advises the Executive Committee of the Board as well as the Association’s president on good compensation practice. The Committee stays abreast of compensation trends in non-profit and education sectors to ensure that the Association offers reasonable and market-based salary and benefits to its employees so as to promote stable employment by motivated professional staff. In addition, the committee works with the Board chair to identify appropriate goals for the president and assists the chair as requested on the president’s progress toward those goals.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the officers of the Association. The committee monitors the functioning of the board’s standing committee. On behalf of the board, the committee supervises the president of the Association and assists him/her in setting strategic direction for the Association.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and evaluates the annual budget, including the expenditures for both BLS and BLSA activities. The committee meets as needed in preparation for the presentation of a budget for full board approval at the Spring meeting.

Friends of Athletics

Friends of Athletics works closely with the Leven ’55 director of athletics and the headmaster to monitor BLSA’s support of athletics programs and to evaluate the success of those investments. The committee comprises both parents of current student athletes as well as alumni.The committee serves in a strategic advisory capacity to help the school establish a reasonable plan for advancing the success of BLS student-athletes in line with the broader strategic objectives set forth by the head master. The committee will assist BLSA staff with messaging, communication, and outreach to ensure that alumni and parents rally to the support of the athletics program.

Governance and Nominating Committee 

This committee's primary responsibility is to identify candidates for trustee service in line with the organization’s philanthropic, service and demographic objectives. The committee vets candidates and prepares a slate of nominees to the Board of Trustees each spring. In addition, the committee works with other standing committees to identify gaps in capabilities with the objective of recruiting new membership for those committees.The committee also advises the board chair and executive committee on good governance practice and on procedures to ensure the board as a whole and its individual members are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee monitors the performance of the BLSA investment strategy and rebalances the portfolio as necessary to stay within previously determined investment policy guidelines. The committee meets at least quarterly to review performance and to evaluate existing funds and prospective additions to the portfolio. The committee periodically reviews the investment policy mix and modifies the mix as needed.

Parents' Committee

The Parents’ Committee comprises key leaders from the parent community, including BLSA trustee parents, who work with school and Association staff to promote an awareness of the BLSA and to educate the community regarding the role of philanthropy in the school's success. The committee builds community by hosting events for new parents and for parent donors, encourages participation by all parents in the activities of the Association and champions the integration of parents with alumni as equal participants in the life of the Association.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee works as an advisory group to the headmaster and to the Viterbi '52 director of technology. It evaluates the Association’s funding of technology initiatives at the school and helps to determine priority areas for future investment.