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Points of Pride (PoP) Quiz

With so many Latin scholars in our midst, it seems only fair to test the BLS knowledge among us from time to time. Beginning in October 2004, each issue of @blsa has included a query for the quick and clever. The first responder to answer the conundrum correctly receives a BLS T-shirt, hat or some other enviable prize and is rightfully recognized in the subsequent eNewsletter.

June 2018 Q:Can you name this BLS alum who was a photographer of presidents, a freelancer whose works appeared in books and magazines, like Vanity Fair, and on display at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, as well as an award-winning hat designer?
A: Burton Berinsky ‘48 Winner: Duncan O’Brien '78
January 2018 Q: What do Fig Newtons, Oreos and BLS have in common?
Can you name the BLS graduate who was the co-founder/president of the National Biscuit Company which became Nabisco?

A: Adolphus W. Green, Class of 1859
June 2017 The following Latin quotation, reflecting the classical orientation of BLS, can be found on the school's facade.

Q: Can you name the author of the quote? "Haec studia adulescentiam alunt, senectuten oblectant, secundas res ornant, adversis perfugium ac slacium praebent."
A: Cicero
January 2017 Q: Can you name the BLS grad known as a STEM trailblazer; an NSF advisory committee member; one of the Top 50 African Americans in Technology, 2001 & 2008; an Association for Computing Machinery Fellow, 2006; and the inaugural recipient of the Richard A. Tapia Award for Scientific Scholarship, Civic Science and Diversifying Science, 2001?
A: Bryant W. York '63
June 2016 Q: Can you name the BLS alum whose credits include: Grammy Award winning Latin jazz trumpeter whose work is featured on TV and in film, a dedicated public school teacher, has performed at Madison Square Garden and Montreux Jazz Festival, and has played with Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Paul Simon to name a few?
A: Steven A. Gluzband '71
May 2015 Q: Can you name the BLS graduate — an internationally-acclaimed pianist/featured Carnegie Hall performer — who has received citations for scientific achievement from the U.S. Senate and U.S. Secretary of Energy and who was the recipient of the first POWER-GEN Woman of the Year Award?
A: Ria Persad Carlo '91
McNulty '89
January 2015 Q: Which BLS graduate, who is honored with a statue in Boston's Public Garden, inspired others “To look up and not down; To look forward and not back; To look out and not in; and To lend a hand?"
A: Edward Everett Hale.
Winner: Katherine McLean '85
July 2014 Q: Can you name the alum who can list a CNN Hero Award and being named One of the Most Powerful in Philanthropy by Forbes Magazine as part of his/her distinguished credits?
A: Alfa Demmellash '99
Winner: Jennica Allen '07
April 2014 Q: Which BLS alum was director of the famed Boston Marathon for nearly four decades and helped grow it from a race with a couple hundred racers into one of the premier marathons in the world?
A: William T. Cloney '29
Winner: Amanda Anastasia '09
January 2014 Q: The class of 1987 diplomas are the only ones signed by this highly regarded son of Latin School, a beloved master and respected administrator. Who is this distinguished graduate?
A: Joseph Desmond '44
Winner: Duncan O'Brien '78
October 2013 Q: Who was the BLS alumnus whose credits include author and highly respected professor of history at Georgetown University as well as consultant to the U.S. Defense Department and the House Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration?
A: Carroll Quigley '29
Winner: Ari Klickstein '08
July 2013 Q: Can you name the alumnus whose credits include: a pioneer of ether anesthesia and one of the founding fathers of Massachusetts General Hospital as well as the "New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery"?
A: John Collins Warren, who entered BLS in 1786
Winner: Aleksandra Syrkina '08
April 2013 Q: Can you name the head master who developed the beginnings of a library at BLS?
A: Benjamin Apthorp Gould, 1814
Winner: Peter Swiatkowski '94
January 2013 Q: Which BLS distinguished graduate was well known for his contributions to the development of instant photography as well as academia, serving as Brandeis’ first chair for the school of science, first dean of the faculty and its first university professor?
A: Saul G. Cohen ’33
Winner: Pei Huang '04
October 2012 Q: Can you name the once 19-year-old student turned general manager whose business acumen earned him chair of the board status by the tender age of 30 and whose Latin-hewn work ethic proved to consumers "a corporation has to have a soul"?
A: Sidney Rabb '16 (introduced an idea new to retail in 1918: the self-service, modern supermarket; founded the Economy Grocery Stores, which later became Stop & Shop, Inc.)
Winner: Duncan O'Brien ’78
July 2012 Q: Who is the BLS alum, an Olympic gold medalist, who wore the purple and white as a student athlete and in 1980 represented alma mater proudly on the U.S. hockey team wearing the red, white and blue?
A: Jack O'Callahan '75
Winner: Julianna Brody-Fialkin ’02
April 2012
BLS antique classroom
Which classroom, pictured here, is a present day reminder of our rich history?
A: Classroom 323
Winner: Nicole Devlin '01
January 2012 Q: Name the BLS graduate who was honored at the White House as a recipient of the National Humanities Medal and one of the foremost authorities on the absence of racial prejudice in ancient Rome and Greece.
A: Dr. Frank M. Snowden Jr. ‘28
Winner: Michelle Slade '03
October 2011 Q: What is the win-loss-tie record for the Latin-English rivalry, the oldest continuous Thanksgiving Day matchup in the U.S.?
A: 75-36-13
Winner: Duncan O'Brien '78
July 2011 Q: When was the "Wolfpack" name adopted at BLS?
A: 1970
April 2011 Q: Of 27 head masters of Boston Latin School, how many have been alumni of the school?
A: 14
January 2011 Q: Name the BLS graduates who are credited with starting the country's first radio poetry program. A: Cid Corman '41 and Nat Hentoff '41 Winner: Kristen Olson Mahoney '97
October 2010 Q: Which BLS graduate served our fair city, state and country: as an elected official, a veteran of the Spanish-American War and World War I and the first state commander of the American Legion? A: Edward Lawrence Logan
Winner: Vinh Do '95
July 2010 Q: Which BLS graduate's career in broadcasting has taken him from covering a summer olympics, NBA playoffs and Big East tournaments to nearly 30 years doing play-by-play for the Boston Celtics organization? A: Mike Gorman '65
Winner: Sheri (Marcus) Bernstein '83
April 2010 Q: Who among our alumni ranks is credited with building the first instructional physics laboratory in the United States? A: Edward Charles Pickering Winner: Joseph M. Hooban '62
January 2010 Q: What do Nathaniel Williams, who entered BLS in 1682, and Lynne Mooney Teta, esteemed member of the class of 1986, have in common? A: Nathaniel Williams was the first male graduate of BLS to serve as head master and Lynne Mooney Teta is the first female graduate to serve in this capacity. Winner: Duncan O'Brien '78
October 2009 Q: Which graduate of BLS can claim a distinguished career that includes the following roles: deputy secretary of state, university president and chairman/CEO of a Fortune 500 company? A: Dr. Clifton Wharton Jr. '43 Winner: Joseph A. Cohen '44
July 2009 Q: 1.) Fill in the missing words of this historic passage and 2.) tell us on what occasion did Head Master John Lovell instruct the Latin pupils of his time: “_____ ______ _____ ____ _____. Deponite libros.” A: It was on the morning of April 19, 1775, the start of the Revolutionary War, that Head Master John Lovell instructed students to put away their books by announcing, "War's begun and school's done. Deponite libros.” Winner: Patricia Meegan '96
April 2009 Q: Name the BLS alumnus who could claim: Massachusetts senator; U.S. Senator; and mayor of Boston on his CV. Earn distinction if you can uncover the schoolboy chant he is known for in reminiscing about his Latin days. A: Harrison Gray Otis Winner: Pei Huang '04
October 2008 Q: What was the date — including month, day and year — that Boston Latin School was founded? A: April 23, 1635 Winner: Sheri (Marcus) Bernstein '83
June 2008 Q: Which BLS alumnus is best known as the founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO)? A: Henry Lee Higginson, Class of 1851 Winner: Duncan O’Brien ‘78
May 2008 Q: A two-part question: When were the school and the Association founded (using Roman Numerals please)? A: School: MDCXXXV
Association: MDCCCXLIV
Winner: Guy Steele Jr. '72
April 2008 Q. Where did the first Latin-English football game take place and why were the Latin players wearing red on that day and the English players in their traditional blue? A: Boston Common in 1887; Teams often wore variations of collegiate uniforms; Latin wore Harvard Red and English wore Yale Blue Winner: John Wright '74
March 2008 Q. Who is credited as the first mother/daughter legacy in BLS history? A: Donna (Walsh) Hannon '78 and Erin Hannon '98 Winner: Ellen Moy-Maneikis '78
February 2008 Q. Which BLS head master, appointed while still a senior at Harvard, is credited with instituting misdemeanor marks and the practice of declamation, fostering the beginnings of a library and implementing the first regular reports of scholarship to parents? A.Benjamin Apthorp Gould, appointed head master in 1814 Winner: William J. Davis Jr. '78
January 2008 Q. How many actual schoolhouses has Boston Latin School called "home"? Please provide the number, dates and locations of each.
A: The number of schoolhouses is 7; 1645 - north side of School Street; 1704 - the present location of the statue of Benjamin Franklin (in Boston); 1748 - south side of School Street; 1812 - a new building of three stories was constructed on the site of its predecessor; 1844 - Bedford Street; 1881 - Warren Avenue; 1922 - Avenue Louis Pasteur
Winner: Roy Seliber '77
December 2007 Q. What Boston landmark did the BLS Boys help erect? A. Bunker Hill Monument
Winner: Richard J. Morrison '70
November 2007 Q. What are the words to the BLS Fight Song? A: On the field of many colors
Latin’s banners fly
Cheer on, cheer on roar of thunder
Echoes through the sky
See the Latin team advancing
Gaining more and more
So we'll fight, fight, fight, with all our might
Dear Old Latin ever more
Winner: Brian Nolan '88
October 2007 Q. In what year did the official title of the yearly catalogue change from " Public Latin School " to the " Boston Latin School" Catalogue? A: 1949 Winner: Carl F. Seils '51
September 2007 Q: Which head master, also a son of alma mater, is credited with establishing the Advanced Placement program giving many students the chance to receive credit for college courses on the freshman level? A: John J. Doyle '12 Winner: Lisa Allen Brown '95
June 2007 Q: This Boston Latin School graduate was a prolific author of adventure books for young men. Among his books published by the D. Lothrup Company in Boston was this tale about the final year in high school of young Captain Burton of Company A, Boston Latin School Battalion. The author dedicated the book to Head Master Moses Merrill. Who was the author? A: Willis Boyd Allen, Class of 1868 Winner: Michael Caljouw '84
May 2007 Q: Which BLS alumnus, chairman of the New York delegation, placed the name of William Seward in nomination at the 1860 Republican convention? When it became apparent on the third ballot that Lincoln would win, he urged the delegates to make the nomination unanimous. A: William Maxwell Evarts, Class of 1833, later U.S. Attorney General, Secretary of State and Senator from New York. Winner: Francois DiFolco '81
April 2007 Q: Identify the structure, financed by BLS alumnus John Hancock and friends, designed and built by Lemuel Cox, that opened on June 17, 1786 (Hancock selected the date), and continued making money for its corporate owners until 1858. A: The first bridge in America, it was, when built, the longest in the world. A drawbridge, it spanned the Charles River, connecting Boston and Charlestown. Winner:
Duncan O'Brien '78
March 2007 Q: In what year did the first BLS prom take place?
A: 1937
February 2007
Q: Which BLS alumnus is credited with the first successful clinical use of cardiac pacing and the first successful use of external defibrillation? A: Dr. Paul Zoll '28 Winner:
Sarah Grandfield '99
January 2007 Q: Which west coast alumnus is famous for inventing the first SMTP e-mail server and the Domain Name System? A: Paul Mockapetris '66 Winner:
Laura DiAngelis ‘00
December 2006 Q: Which Latin School alumnus/a gets credit for creating the Extracurricular Activities Fair at BLS? A: Kelly Gushue '95 Winner: Ronaldo "Rolo" Rauseo-Ricupero '00
November 2006
Q: Which Latin School alumnus was killed-in-action while commanding the 1st Cavalry (Airmobile) when the helicopter he piloted crashed while enroute to visit wounded troops in South Vietnam? He also served at the end of World War II and in the Korean War. This son of alma mater was one of the youngest major generals in the United States Army during his tenure. A: Major General G. William Casey Winner:
Brian Pastore ‘04
October 2006 Q: A Boston Latin School and Harvard alumnus, he benefited from the patronage of Mrs. Jack (Isabella Stewart) Gardner and later became her principal advisor in collecting the art for her museum. A: Bernard Berenson, Class of 1881 Winner:
Paul M.J. Suchecki ‘72
September 2006 Q: Which prominent BLS graduate remarked "…I have seen a murderer's head cut off with a two-handed sword with less shuddering abhorrence than filled my childish breast at witnessing certain public executions at the Latin School."? A: Charles William Eliot, class of 1849, who also served as president of Harvard from 1869-1909, the longest term as president in the university's history. Winner:
Spencer C. Sleeper '02
June 2006
Q: What BLS alumnus was the founding director of one of the institutes that make up the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and is also the eponym for a human disease? A: Lawrence E. Shulman '37, MD, PhD; Shulman Syndrome, also called eosinophilic fasciitis. Winner:
Ethan M. Shevach ’61
May 2006
Q: What alumnus and former BLS language teacher of many talents played semi-pro baseball in the Boston Park League, and what was the team on which he played? A: Conrad Jameson, The Crosby Club Winner:
John Dooley ‘54
April 2006
Q: A graduate of Boston Latin School and Harvard, this alumnus later returned to the school as usher, then as sub-master, master and senior master. He served longer at the school than any other, retiring at age 86 because the Boston School Committee instituted mandatory retirement at age 70. Who was he and when did he serve? A: Charles J. Capen, 1852-1909 (57 years) Winner:
Walter F. Foley ‘73
March 2006 Q: Two answers, two parts: Name the first Latin School alumnus to become Head Master AND the most recent. Include terms served for extra credit! A: Nathaniel Williams (1708-1734); Michael Contompasis '57 Winner:
Paul M.J. Suchecki ‘72
February 2006 Q: Some of this 19th century artist's marble works are displayed in the Boston Athenaeum, Brooklyn Museum, Memorial Hall at Harvard and the Capitol in Washington, D.C. A: Richard Saltonstall Greenough, Class of 1829 Winner:
Duncan O’Brien ‘78
January 2006
Q: Name the alumnus who played for New York Giants, Chicago Cubs and Boston Braves and later was a scout for the Boston Red Sox. A: Fred Maguire '18 Winner:
Joseph F. Flynn ‘62
December 2005
Q: "Seated on the platform were the Committee on High Schools and invited guests, consisting of His Excellency John D. Long, Governor of Massachusetts; His Honor Frederick O. Prince, Mayor of Boston; Hon. Robert C. Winthrop; Rev. Ralph Waldo Emerson; Hon. Marshall P. Wilder; Prof. William B. Rogers, President of the Institute of Technology; Rev. Samuel K. Lothrop, D.D.; Rev. Phillips Brooks, D.D.; Rev. J. M. Manning, D.D.; Rev. George E. Ellis, D.D.; Rev. A. A. Miner, D.D.; Rev. Robert C. Waterston, D.D., President of the English High School Association; Hon. F. W. Lincoln, Hon. Jonathan A. Lane, Henry P. Kidder, Esq., Thomas Gaffield, Esq., Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Hon. Henry K. Oliver, Rev. George A. Thayer; Prof. Edwin P. Seaver, Superintendent of Schools; Charles K. Dillaway, Esq., President of the Latin School Association; Ex-Gov. William Gaston; George A. Clough, Esq., City Architect; The head masters of the Latin and English High Schools; members of the School Committee, city government and others."
What was the date, and what was the occasion?
A: The Dedication of the Public Latin and English High School House on February 22, 1881 Winner:
Frederick H. Rabin ‘51
November 2005
Q: "This 19th century man of letters and Boston Latin alumnus compiled a work in eight volumes that is still the standard reference for scholars in his field." A: Francis James Child, English & Scottish Ballads Winner:
Joseph M. Hooban ‘62
October 2005 Q: Who served as the first permanent dean of the United States Air Force Academy? A: Robert F. McDermott '37 Winner:
Roselys Esteve ‘02
September 2005
Q: In 1935 Henry Munroe Rogers said of this renowned Boston Latin School alumnus and former usher: "He could reform the rest of the world, but he could not reform this class [1858]." A: Phillips Brooks, Class of 1851 Winner:
John Paul Russo ‘61
August 2005
Q: As head of a commission appointed to evaluate a medical theory that challenged conventional wisdom, seeking a result that would be objectively demonstrable rather than subjectively debatable, this Latin School lad went on to devise the first blind test of a medical treatment. A: Benjamin Franklin Winner: Kaitlyn Leahy '96
June 2005
Q: Who was the BLS graduate that "Emerson considered to be the greatest teacher and orator of his age…"? A: Edward Everett Winner:
Jordan Rabinovitz '58
March 2005 Q: Herman S. Nelke 1907 was an actor, director, writer, producer and owner of a Broadway theater. What was his stage name? A: Howard Lindsay
February 2005 Q: What was the name of the first black student to graduate from Boston Latin School, and when did he graduate? A: Parker Bailey, Class of 1877
January 2005 Q: Name the alumna/us actor whose TV appearances included “Fantasy Island,” “Strong Medicine,” “JAG” and “Judging Amy,” to name but a few. A: Christine Elise ’83 Winner:
Mike Norton ’76
December 2004
Q: Who was the class of 1851 alumnus who penned one of the world's most popular Christmas carols? (the name of the Christmas carol as well.) A: Phillips Brooks,
"O Little Town of Bethlehem"
November 2004 Q: Who was the only father-son team to be inducted into the BLS Hall of Fame? A: Thomas Bilodeau '34 and Thomas Bilodeau '60 Winner:
Larry DiCara '67
October 2004 Q: What is the name of the sculptor and alumnus who created the "Alma Mater" statue which resides in the ceremonial main lobby of Boston Latin School? A: Richard Saltonstall Greenough, class of 1829 Winner:
Kristine Zaleskas '87