"Do you remember your first awed glimpse of the auditorium’s frieze, engraved with the names of illustrious BLS alumni - Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Hancock, George Santayana? You felt as though you had wandered straight into history."

~ Clifton R. Wharton Jr. '43, 1970 Distinguished Graduate, in his keynote remarks during the BLS 375th Anniversary

Notable Alumni

Gracing the walls of the Auditorium are portraits of past head masters (view these on the BLS History webpage) and the names of several BLS alumni, many synonymous with our great country's Who's Who. These serve as a lasting reminder of our enduring history and tradition. Generations of BLS students have imagined their name among these historically significant alumni immortalized on the upper frieze. The lower frieze recognizes alumni whose volunteer and philanthropic efforts have ensured the prosperity of alma mater.

The listing below features centuries of former Latin School students who have gone on to be leaders in a variety of fields. Notable alumni include five signers of the Declaration of Independence, a Nobel Laureate, captains of industry, as well as visionaries in the arts and sciences. Since 1954, the Distinguished Graduate Award (formerly the Graduate of the Year Award) has been given each year to alumni exemplifying the BLS motto, sumus primi.

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Edwin Hale Abbot 1851 President, Director, General Solicitor, Wisconsin Central Railway; Director, Northern Pacific Railway; Associate Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Henry Larcom Abbot 1850 Colonel, United States Army Corps of Engineers; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Board of Consulting Engineers, Panama Canal
  Samuel Appleton Browne Abbott e. 1861

President, Board of Trustees, Boston Public Library; Director, American Academy, Rome

  Charles Francis Adams Jr. e. 1848 Colonel, United States Army; President, Union Pacific Railroad; President, Massachusetts Historical Society; President, American Historical Association; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Grandson of President John Quincy Adams
  Charles Francis Adams Sr. e. 1817 Minister to Great Britain (1861-1868); Representative in Congress (1859-1861); President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Editor, Adams Papers; Member, Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives; Son of President John Quincy Adams
  John Quincy Adams II 1849 Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives
  Samuel Adams e. 1729 Signer, Declaration of independence; Member, Continental Congress; Governor. Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1794-1797); Lieutenant Governor (1789-1794); President, Massachusetts Senate (1782-1785; 1787-1788); Leader, Sons of Liberty
  Prince Charles Alexander 1975

Professor, Music Production and Engineering, Berklee College of Music; Producer and Music Engineer; Seven Grammy nominations and Three Grammy Awards; 40+ Platinum and Gold Certifications

  Philip Rounseville Alger 1876 Secretary-Treasurer, United States Naval Institute; Head, Department of Mechanics, United States Naval Academy; Author, Exterior Ballistics; The Elastic Strength of Guns; Hydromechanics
  James Allen e. 1745 Surgeon, British Navy
  Joseph Allen e. 1757 Member, Continental Congress
  Willis Boyd Allen 1874 Author, The Northern Cross, or, Randolph’s Last Year at the Boston Latin School
  Art (Arthur Franklin) Amadon 1908 Broadcast Journalist, Announcer, WBZ Radio and Television
  Ed Ames (Edmund Dante Urick) 1944 Singer, Actor; The Ames Brothers, The Fantasticks; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Daniel Boone
  James Barr Ames 1863

Dean, Harvard Law School; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  John Forrester Andrew e. 1863

Representative in Congress (1889-1893). Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives and Massachusetts Senate

  Clement Walker Andrews 1875 Librarian; Introduced Catalog Card Exchanges between Libraries; Organized Library System at MIT, Chicago’s John Crerar Library; President, American Library Association’ President, American Library Institute
  William Turell Andrews e. 1804 Treasurer, Harvard College
  East Apthorp e. 1747 Rector, Christ Church, Episcopal, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Rector, Bow Church, London
  John Trecothick Apthorp e. 1778 Treasurer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1812-1817); President, Suffolk Insurance Company
  Gleason L. Archer Jr. 1934 Assistant Pastor, Park Street Church, Congregational, Evangelical; Professor of Biblical Languages, Fuller Theological Seminary; Professor of Old Testament and Semitics, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Author, In the Shadow of the Cross, A Survey of Old Testament Introduction
  Robert Auchmuty e. 1740 Loyalist; Judge, Vice-Admiralty Court; Defense Attorney, Boston Massacre
  Samuel Auchmuty e. 1731 Rector, Trinity Church, Episcopal, New York; Governor, King’s College (later Columbia)
  James Trecothick Austin e. 1795 Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1843-1849); Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Jonathan Loring Austin e. 1755 Secretary, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1806-1808); Treasurer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1811-1812); Major, Continental Army; Diplomat: Missions to Paris, Great Britain, Spain, Holland
  John Avery e. 1748 Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1780-1806)
  Parker Bailey 1877 Educator; Director, YMCA District of Columbia; the First Black Graduate of BLS
  Walter Abijah Baker e. 1863

Rector, St. John the Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland

  John Ballantine e. 1724 Minister, Westfield
  Charles Inman Barnard e. 1861

Lawyer; Journalist; Foreign Correspondent, New York Herald, New York Tribune; Author, Paris War Days: Diary of an American

  John Barnard e. 1689 Minister, Church of Christ, Congregational, Marblehead; Declined Presidency, Harvard College (1737)
  James Barnes e. 1819 Brigadier General, United States Army; Civil Engineer, Supervisor of Construction, Western Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad
  William Baker Bass e. 1786 Union Army Brigadier General; Railroad Executive
  John L. Bates e. 1875 United States Consul, France
  John Lewis Bates 1878 Governor of Massachusetts; Co-Founder, Appalachian Mountain Club
  Waldron Bates e. 1871 Path Maker, Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island
  Louis Hopewell Bauer 1905 Physician; Founder Aerospace Medical Association, Journal of Aviation Medicine; President, American Medical Association; Secretary-General, World Medical Association
  Susan G. Bear 1980 Owner, Sue Bear Productions; Executive Director, Boston Latin School Association; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 1995
  Charles Beecher e. 1826 Pastor, Second Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Minister, First Free Presbyterian Church, Newark, New Jersey, changed to Congregational Church; Pastor, Congregational Church, Georgetown; Superintendent of Public Instruction, Florida; Author, The Duty of Disobedience to Wicked Laws, The God of the Bible Against Slavery, The Life of David King of Israel
  Frederic William Beecher 1853 Minister, Kankakee, Illinois
  Henry Ward Beecher e. 1826 Minister, Plymouth Congregational Church, Brooklyn; Abolitionist; Women’s Suffragist; President, American Woman Suffrage Association; Author, Freedom and War, Life of Jesus Christ, Evolution and Religion (see The Most Famous Man in America: A Biography of Henry Ward Beecher, by Debby Applegate, 2006)
  Jonathan Belcher e. 1717 Loyalist; Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor, Province of Nova Scotia (1754-1776)
  Jonathan Belcher e. 1689 Governor, Province of Massachusetts Bay (1730-1741), Province of New Hampshire (1730-1741). and Province of New Jersey (1747-1757); Benefactor, College of New Jersey (Princeton)
  Jeremy Belknap e. 1752 Author, History of New Hampshire, the first modern history written by an American; America's Best Native Historian
  Jeremiah (Jeremy) Belknap e. 1751 Co-Founder, Massachusetts Historical Society; Minister, Federal Street Church, Congregational Church, Dover, New Hampshire; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Society; Author, History of New Hampshire, An Historical Account of those persons who have been distinguished in America
  Bernard Berenson e. 1883 Art Historian; Critic; Writer; Advisor to Isabella Stewart Gardiner; Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences
  Burton Berinsky 1948 Union Representative, International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union; Award-Winning Hat Designer; Photographer Whose Works Featured in Vanity Fair, JFK Presidential Library and Museum; Journalist
  Charles Francis Bernard e. 1820 Minister, Warren Street Chapel, Unitarian
  Thomas Bernard e. 1763 Loyalist; Philanthropist; Treasurer, Foundling Hospital; Co-Founder, Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor; Founding Director, British Institution; Baronet
  Scrope Bernard-Morland (Scroop Bernard) e. 1766 Member, British Parliament, Under Secretary of State for Home Department; Baronet
  Leonard Bernstein 1935 World-Renowned Composer, On the Town, Candide, West Side Story, On the Waterfront; Conductor, New York Philharmonic; Author, The Infinite Variety of Music, The Joy of Music, Young People’s Concerts; Music Educator; Pianist; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1984
  Benjamin Bethune e. 1766 Captain, British Army
  William Henry (Harry) Warren Bicknell 1878 Artist; Painter; Etcher
  Frank Hagar Bigelow 1869 Astronomer; Professor of Mathematics, Racine College; Professor of Meteorology, United States Weather Bureau, Washington, D.C.; Episcopal Rector, Natick and Washington, D.C.
  George Tyler Bigelow 1825 Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
  Amos Binney 1847 Major, Paymaster, United States Army
  Edwin Howland Blashfield e. 1861

Artist, Mural Painter: Dome, Library of Congress Main Reading Room, Iowa State Capitol, Minnesota State Capitol, Wisconsin State Capitol, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; President National Society of Mural Painters; President, National Academy of Design

  Sampson Salter Blowers e. 1751 Loyalist; Chief Justice, Superior Court, Nova Scotia
  John Franklin Botume 1872 Singer, Choir Director; Director, Boston Branch, American Academy of the Dramatic Arts; Author, Modern Singing Methods, A Ground-Breaking Work
  Henry Ingersoll Bowditch 1825 President, American Medical Association; Abolitionist; Author. Public Hygiene in America; Founder, Anti-Man-Hunting League
  James Bowdoin e. 1760 Minister to Spain; Fellow, Harvard College; Benefactor, Bowdoin College
  James Bowdoin e. 1734 Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; President, Massachusetts Constitutional Convention; President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member, Royal Society; Fellow, Harvard College, Bowdoin College Named for Him
  John Templeton Bowen 1875 Physician; A Pioneer of Dermatology; First Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School; Author, The Epitrichial Layer of the Human Epidermis; Precancerous Dermatoses; eponym: Bowen’s Disease
  Nathaniel Bowen e. 1786 Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina (1818-1839)
  Charles Manning Bowers 1834 Minister, First Baptist Church, Clinton
  James Boyle e. 1810 Clerk, Supreme Judicial Court
  John Bradford e. 1763 Minister, Second Church of Roxbury
  Thomas Gamaliel Bradford e. 1818 Cartographer; Publisher: A Comprehensive Atlas
  Charles Smith Bradley e. 1834 Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Rhode Island; Lawyer; Legal Scholar; Benefactor, Rhode Island
  William Brattle e. 1669 Treasurer, Harvard College; Congregational Minister, Cambridge
  Alan Bressler 1955

President and Chief Operating Officer, AGAR, Largest Independent Food Distributor in New England; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2010

  Thomas Mayo Brewer 1831 Ornithologist, Author, Publisher; Editor, Boston Atlas

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Ebenezer Bridge e. 1725 Minister, Chelmsford
  Matthew Bridge e. 1735 First Chaplain, Continental Army; Minister, Church of Christ, Congregational, Framingham
  Samuel James Bridge e. 1823 United States Principal Appraiser, Boston, San Francisco; Secretary, Boston Latin School Association
  Charles Brooks Brigham 1862

Surgeon, San Francisco; Author, Surgical Cases with Illustrations

  Charles Henry Brigham 1835 Unitarian Minister, Taunton, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  William Tufts Brigham 1857 Botanist; Professor; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; eponym: Hawaiian lobelioid genus, Brighamia
  Arthur Brooks 1863

Rector, Church of the Incarnation, Episcopal, New York

  John Cotton Brooks 1867

Rector, Christ Church, Episcopal, Springfield; Dean of Convocation, President of Standing Committee, Diocese of Springfield

  John E. Brooks, S.J. 1943 President, College of the Holy Cross; President, New England Association of Schools and Colleges; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1991
  Phillips Brooks 1851 Rector, Trinity Church; Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts; Orator; Author, O Little Town of Bethlehem
  Mather Byles Brown e. 1768 Portrait Painter, subjects included Thomas Jefferson; John Adams and Family (Boston Athenæum)
  William Browne e. 1744 Loyalist; Judge, Superior Court, Province of Massachusetts Bay; Governor, Bermuda
  Vincent R. Brogna 1934 Judge, Superior Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Captain, United States Army
  John D. Bryant 1849 Benefactor, Boston Latin School Library
  John Buckley 1962

Executive Vice President, Administration, Boston Red Sox; Interim Director, Boston Red Sox Foundation; Dr. Joseph F. Desmond ’44 Volunteer Award 2002

  Charles Wentworth Buck e.1848 Minister, Fall River, Portland, Maine, Cambridge
  Edgar Buckingham 1827 Minister, First Church of Deerfield, Unitaria
  Joseph Huntington Buckingham e. 1817 Editor; Author (with Harry E. Pratt), Illinois as Lincoln Knew It
  Thomas Bulfinch e. 1805 Author; The Age of Fable, Bulfinch’s Mythology
  Charles Bulfinch e. 1770 Architect of the U.S. Capitol; Boston State House
  Edward Crompton Butler e. 1868 Secretary, United States Legation, City of Mexico
  Freeman Josiah Bumstead 1843 Physician; Author, The Pathology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases
  Horace Bumstead 1859 Minister; Civil War Major; Professor and Second President, Atlanta University; Pivotal Figure in the education of African Americans
  William Henry Burbank e. 1869 Photographer; Author, Photographic Printing Methods; The Photographic Negative; Lantern Slide Making
  John Burt e. 1725 Minister, Bristol, Rhode Island
  Mather Byles e. 1714 Loyalist; Minister, Hollis Street Church, Congregational Minister, Dedham
  Peter Bynoe 1968

Lawyer; Businessman; Entrepreneur; One of First wo African-Americans to Buy Controlling Interest in NBA as Co-Owner, Denver Nuggets; Member, Chicago Plan Commission, Chicago Commission on Landmarks; Member, Harvard Board of Overseers

  Arthur Tracy Jackson Cabot e. 1862

Surgeon; President, Massachusetts Medical Society; Chairman, Associated Committees for the Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis; Author, Realism in Medicine; Inventor, Cabot Splint

  Godfrey Lowell Cabot e. 1871 Founder, Cabot Corporation; Aviation Pioneer; Founder/President, Aero Club of New England; United States Navy Pilot, World War I; Philanthropist, Benefactor of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and Columbia University
  Samuel Cabot e. 1860

Founder, Samuel Cabot Company: Cabot Stain

  Samuel Cabot e. 1826 Physician; Ornithologist; Abolitionist; Volunteer Surgeon, Civil War; Curator, Boston Society of Natural History
  Charles Calhoun e. 1807 Clerk, Massachusetts Senate
  Simeon Howard Calhoun 1853 Mayor, Nebraska City, Nebraska
  William Barron Calhoun e. 1805 Representative in Congress (1835-1843); President, Massachusetts Senate (1846-1847); Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1828-1834); Secretary, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1848-1851); Mayor of Springfield (1859)
  Andrea Campbell 2000 Attorney; President, Boston City Council (2018- ), Member (2016-17); Deputy Legal Counsel for Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick
  Patrick T. Campbell 1889 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1920-1929); Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
  George P. Canellos 1952 Physician, Professor, Researcher, Founding Chief of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Pioneer in the Creation of Combination Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer and the MOPP Chemotherapy Regimen for Hodgkin's Lymphoma; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2018.
  Charles J. Capen 1840 Usher, Sub-Master, Master, Boston Latin School (1852-1909)
  William J. Casey 1935 Major General, U S. Army; Commander, 1st Cavalry Division (Killed in action, July 7, 1970, Vietnam)
  Ria Persad Carlo 1991 Astrophysicist; Founder, CEO StatWeather; Expert in Applied Mathematics; Classical Pianist Prodigy
  Eugenia Carris 1986 Assistant United States Attorney, District of Massachusetts
  John Wilkins Carter 1860

Founder, Carter’s Ink Company

  Costa Chalas (Chalapakas) 1936 Entrepeneur; President, American Society of Travel Agents; Student of Amelia Earhart; WWII Veteran; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Recipient, Lee. J. Dunn Award
  Cecilia Chan 1981 Private Investor and Philanthropist; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 1997
  William Henry Channing e. 1821 Unitarian Minister, Washington, D.C., Liverpool, London; Chaplain, United States House of Representatives; Member, National Woman’s Rights Central Committee
  Charles Chauncy e. 1712 Minister, First Church, Congregational
  Samuel Checkley e. 1703 First Minister, New South Church, Congregational
  Francis James Child 1842 Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, Harvard; Professor of English, Harvard; Author; Orator; Collector, English and Scottish Ballads; President, American Folklore Society
  Paul Cushing Child e. 1916 Foreign Service Officer, Office of Strategic Services, United States Foreign Service, United States Information Agency; Diplomat; Educator; Photographer; husband of Julia Child; portrayed by Stanley Tucci in 2009 film, Julie & Julia
  Benjamin Church e. 1745 Chief Physician, Continental Army; Dismissed by George Washington as a British Informer, "Communicating with the enemy"
  Benjamin Preston Clark 1877 Entomologist; Author, New American Sphingidae
  Henry Paston Clark e. 1863

Architect; Cape Arundel Summer Colony Historic District

  Lester Williams Clark 1871 Justice, Kings County Supreme Court of New York (1907-1920)
  James Freeman Clarke e. 1821 Theologian; Minister, Church of Disciples; Secretary, Unitarian Association; Abolitionist; Member, Massachusetts Society for the University Education of Women; Author, Ten Great Religions
  John Clarke e. 1761 Minister, First Church, Congregational
  Samuel Clarke e.1764 Major, Continental Army
  William Conant Church e. 1847 Journalist; Publisher; Co-Founder, The Army and Navy Journal, NRA, NY Metropolitan Museum of Art
  Rufus Wheelwright Clark e. 1856

Minister, Detroit, Michigan

  Frank Wigglesworth Clarke

“The Father of Geochemistry”; Chief Chemist, United States Geological Survey; Author, The Data of Geochemistry; Chairman, International Commission on Atomic Weights; Determined Composition of Earth's Crust; Founder, ACS; eponym: mineral Clarkeite

  Isaac Winslow Clarke e. 1755 Loyalist; Commissary-General, Lower Canada
  Richard A. Clarke 1968

National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-Terrorism; Member, National Security Council; Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs; Author, Against All Enemies, The Scorpion’s Gate; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2003

  Thomas Curtis Clarke 1844 President, American Society of Civil Engineers; Builder, Canadian Houses of Parliament
  William T. Cloney 1929 President, Boston Athletic Association; Longtime Director, Boston Marathon; President Emeritus, Association of International Marathons; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1980
  Charles I. Clough Jr. 1960

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Portfolio Manager, Clough Capital Partners, L.P.; Chief Global Investment Strategist, Merrill Lynch, Board of Trustees, Boston College; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2012

  George Oliver George Coale 1870 Lawyer; Author, Patent Law in the United States
  Cyrus Cobb e. 1849 Artist; Sculptor
  Darius Cobb e. 1849 One of America's Best Painters during his lifetime; Poet; Art Critic; eponym: Cobb's Hill in Boston
  Timothy Codrington 1991 Portfolio Manager, Copper Rock Capital Partners; Senior Equity Analyst/Portfolio Manager, Putnam International Equities; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2008
  Francis (Holmes) Coffin e. 1776 Admiral, British Navy
  Isaac Coffin e. 1768 Admiral, British Navy; Baronet; Member, British Parliament
  John Coffin e. 1763 General, British Army
  Thomas Coffin e. 1768 Member, Legislative Assembly, Lower Canada; Colonel of Militia, Commissioner of Police, Trois-Rivières
  William Coffin e. 1768 Major, British Army
  William Coffin e. 1769 Sheriff, Kingston, Upper Canada
  Marshall S. Cogan 1955

Entrepreneur; Investor; Financier; Partner, Cogan, Berlind, Weill & Levitt; Founder, United Automotive Group; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1992

  Saul G. Cohen 1933 Chair, Brandeis University School of Science; Dean of Faculty, Brandeis University; Board of Overseers, Harvard University; Pioneer in the Development of Instant Photography; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1983

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Robert Coles 1946 Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Humanities, Harvard Medical School; Author, Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Children in Crisis: A Study of Courage and Fear; Advisor to President John F. Kennedy; Recipient, Presidential Medal of Freedom, National Humanities Medal; Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1973
  Benjamin Colman e. 1681 First Minister, Church in Brattle Square, Congregational; Fellow, Harvard College; Declined Presidency, Harvard College (1724)
  Francis Jeremiah Connell 1905 President, Catholic Theological Society of America; Professor of Theology, Catholic University of America; Rector, Holy Redeemer College, Washington, D.C.; Dean of Religious Communities, Catholic University of America; Professor of Sacred Sciences, St. John’s University, New York
  Michael J. Connolly 1965

Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1979-1994); Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1973-1978); Attorney; Real Estate Developer

  Myles Connolly 1914 Screenwriter, Producer; Author, Mr. Blue; Journalist; One of the Few Ever to Interview President Calvin Coolidge.
  Michael Contompasis 1957

Head Master, Boston Latin School (1977-1998; 2016-1017); Superintendent, Boston Public Schools; Award-Winning Educator; Adjunct Faculty, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Chair, Boston Latin School Association; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1988

  Edmund C. Converse e. 1863 Businessman; President, Liberty National Bank, Bankers Trust
  Elisha Cooke e. 1646 Superior Court Judge, Province of Massachusetts Bay
  Elisha Cooke e. 1686 Justice, Court of Common Pleas, Suffolk County
  Josiah Parsons Cooke 1844 President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Erving Professor of Chemistry and Minerology, Harvard; Author, Principles of Chemical Philosophy, The New Chemistry, Laboratory Practice: A Series of Experiments on the Fundamental Principles, A Plea for Liberal Culture
  Horace Hopkins Coolidge 1848 President, Massachusetts Senate (1870-1872)
  James Ivers Trecothick Coolidge e. 1827 Master, St. Mark’s School, Southborough, Author, The Power of Christianity; Treatise on the Christian Religion
  Samuel Cooper e. 1732 Judge, Massachusetts Court of Common Pleas
  William Cooper e. 1701 Minister, Church in Brattle Square, Congregational; Declined Presidency, Harvard College (1737)
  Lester Warren Cornish e. 1872 Major, United States Army; Captain of Cavalry
  Cid (Sidney) Corman 1941 Poet; Founder, Editor, Origin Magazine, Origin Press; Founder 1st Radio Poetry Program in U.S., Host, This Is Poetry radio program
  Joseph Pitty Couthouy e. 1820 Commander, United States Navy; Conchologist
  Katherine P. Craven 1990 Chief Administrative Officer, Babson College; Executive Director, Massachusetts School Building Authority; Executive Director, University of Massachusetts Building Authority; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2010
  George Glover Crocker 1860

President, Massachusetts Senate (1883); Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives; Chairman, Massachusetts State Board of Railroad Commissioners

  Francis Welch Crowninshield 1860

Captain, United States Army (d. 1866. four times wounded)

  Frederic Crowninshield 1862

Artist; President. National Society of Mural Painters; Director, American Academy, Rome; Creator, Stained Glass Window, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Boston

  Joseph W. Cullen 1954 Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute; Consultant to Surgeon General C. Everett Koop
  Thomas Harrison Cummings e. 1870 Photographer
  Arthur Curley 1955

Director, Boston Public Library; President, American Library Association, Founder ALA Social Responsibility Round Table; Chair, ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee; One of the 100 Most Important Library Leaders of the 20th Century

  Thomas Cushing e. 1733 Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1780-1788), Acting Governor (1785); Speaker, House of Representatives, Province of Massachusetts Bay (1766-1774); Member, Continental Congress; President, Massachusetts Senate (1780); Fellow, Harvard College; Charter Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Timothy Cutler e. 1690 Congregational Minister, Stratford, Connecticut; Rector, Yale College; Episcopalian Clergyman, Rector, Christ Church, Boston
  George Francis Cutter e. 1830 Paymaster General, United States Navy
  Charles Dudley Daly e. 1893 Head Football Coach, United States Military Academy, West Point (1923-1916; 1919-1922); Captain, United States Army; All-American Football Player, Harvard (1898-1900) and West Point (1901); College Football Hall of Fame; Founder, President, American Football Coaches Association; Commissioner, Boston Fire Department
  Edmund Dana e. 1750 Vicar of Wroxeter, Shropshire
  Francis Dana e. 1751 Emissary to Great Britain; Minister to Russia; Chief Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1791-1806); Member, Continental Congress; Vice-President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  William Henry Parsons Dana e. 1846 Artist, Painter
  Ira M. Daniels 1915 Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1976 or 1959 online
  Lee A. Daniels 1967

Journalist; Reporter, The New York Times, The Washington Post, WGBH Boston; Member, Editorial Board, Washington Post; Columnist, National Newspaper Publishers Association; Author, Race Forward: Facing America’s Racial Divide in 2014

  Nathan David 1930
  Lowell S. Davidson 1959 Legendary Jazz Pianist; Composer; Member of New York Art Quartet; Lowell Davidson Trio (album on the ESP-Disk label)
  Charles Henry Davis 1821 Rear Admiral, United States Navy; Superintendent, United States Naval Observatory
  Archibald Thompson Davison 1902 Musicologist; Director, Harvard Glee Club; Author, Choral Conducting; Technique of Choral Composition; Historical Anthology of Music
  Thomas Dawes e. 1766 Justice, Massachusetts Probate Court, Superior Court
  Thomas Dawes e. 1835 Minister, Brewster
  Theodore Dehon e. 1784 Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina (1812-1817)
  Joseph Deitch 1968

Founder/Chairman, Commonwealth Financial Network; Chairman, Southworth Development; Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer, Porgy and Bess; Benefactor, Boston Latin School, Deitch Leadership Institute; Author, Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life

  Robert DeLeo 1967

Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives (2009-   ), Member (1991-    )

  George Demeter 1914 Parliamentarian; Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1933-1937); Professor of Law, Suffolk University, Boston University; Supreme President, AHEPA; President, Boston Lodge, AHEPA; President, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England; Author, Demeter’s Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure
  Alfa Demmellash (Tiruneh) 1999 Co-Founder, Rising Tide Capital; CNN Hero Award; One of the Most Powerful Women in Philanthropy (Forbes); Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2017
  Raimundo de Ovies e. 1890 Dean, Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Episcopal; Rector, St. Andrew’s Church, Birmingham, Alabama; Co-Founder, Holy Innocents Hospital Children’s Health System, Birmingham; Author, The Church and Her Children, But Maybe You’re Not Crazy: An Introduction to Psychiatry
  Charles Devens e. 1829 Brigadier General, U.S. Army; Justice; Supreme Judicial Court (1873-1877); U.S. Attorney General (1877-1881); Commander-in-Chief, Grand Army of the Republic; eponym: Fort Devens, Devens, MA
  Paul A. Dever 1919 Governor of Massachusetts (1949-1953); Attorney General, Massachusetts (1935-1941); Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1929-1935); Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy, WWII

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Lawrence S. DiCara 1967

President, Boston City Council (1978), Member, at 22, Youngest Person to Ever Serve (1972-1981); Attorney/Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP; Author (with Chris Black), Turmoil and Transition in Boston: A Political Memoir from the Busing Era

  Charles Knapp Dillaway 1821 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1831-1836); President, Boston Latin School Association
  Epes Sargent Dixwell e. 1823 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1836-1851); Founded the Boston Latin School Association
  Mark Driscoll 1977 TV Screenwriter, Ellen, Married…With Children, According to Jim, Grey's Anatomy; Primetime Emmy Award for Ellen episode "The Puppy Episode"
  Charles Francis Donovan, SJ 1929 Dean, Boston College School of Education; Academic Vice President, Dean of Faculties, Boston College; Author, History of Boston College: From the Beginnings to 1990
  Richard J. Dunn 1942 Member, Sovereign Council, Order of Malta; Knight Commander, Papal Order of St. Gregory the Great; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2008
  Edward Payson Dutton e. 1844 Publisher; Founder, E. P. Dutton
  Harry J. Elam 1940 Jurist; 1st African American Judge appointed to the Boston Municipal Court bench; 1st African American Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  George Homans Eldridge 1872 Geologist, United States Department of the Interior; Author, Several Sections of U. S. Geological Survey
  Andrew Eliot e. 1726 Minister, New North Church, Congregational; Fellow, Harvard College
  Charles William Eliot 1849 President, Harvard University, President, National Education Association; Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Educational Philosopher; Chairman, Committee of Ten; President, Boston Latin School Association; Editor, The Harvard Classics
  Samuel Atkins Eliot e. 1809 Mayor of Boston (1837-1839); Representative in Congress (1850-1851); Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1834-1837); Massachusetts Senate (1843-1844); Treasurer, Harvard University; Philosopher; Essayist; Poet
  Simon Eliot e. 1773 Major-General, Massachusetts Militia
  Christine Elise (McCarthy) 1983 Actor, Films, Body Snatchers, Prom, Television, ER, China Beach; Director, Bathing and the Single Girl; Photographer
  George Edward Ellis e. 1824 President, Massachusetts Historical Society; Minister, Harvard Unitarian Church, Charlestown; Editor, Christian Register; Author, History of the Massachusetts General Hospital, The Puritan Age and Rule in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, 1629-85
  Ralph Waldo Emerson e. 1817 Philosopher; Poet; Essayist, Orator; Leader of the Transcendentalist Movement; Author, The American Scholar, Self-Reliance, Nature. Representative Men, Concord Hymn
  Kenneth Eng 1994 Documentary Filmmaker: My Life in China, Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball (Japan) Guggenheim Fellowship, 2007
  Paul English 1982 Entrepreneur; Co-Founder, Chairman, Summits Education; Co-Founder Lola, Kayak (acquired by Priceline), Boston Light Software (acquired by Intuit), GetHuman, Winter Walk
  Thomas Stanhope English e. 1810 Major, United States Marines
  William Erving e. 1742 Major, British Army
  George Eustis e.1806 Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana
  William Eustis e.1761 Regimental Surgeon, Continental Army; Representative in Congress (1801-1805; 1820-1823); United States Secretary of War (1809-1813); Minister to the Netherlands; Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1823-1825); Original Member, Society of the Cincinnati
  William Tappan Eustis e.1832 Minister, Springfield
  William Maxwell Evarts e. 1828 U.S. Senator; U.S. Attorney General; U.S. Secretary of State
  Edward Everett e. 1805 Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1836-1840); Minister to Great Britain (1842-1845); President, Harvard University (1846-1849); United States Secretary of State (1852-1853); United States Senator (1853-1854) and Representative in Congress (1825-1835); Minister, Church in Brattle Square, Orator
  Henry Sidney Everett E. 1845 Secretary, American Legation at Berlin
  William Maxwell Everett e. 1828 U.S. Secretary of State (1887-1881); U.S. Attorney General (1868-1869); U.S. Senator (1885-1891); Speaker at Dedication of Alma Mater Statue (December 2, 1870); Chief Counsel to President Andrew Johnson during Impeachment Trial
  David Leonard Fagin e. 1870 Artist, Painter
  John Fairfield e. 1746 Minister, First Parish Congregational Church, Saco, Maine
  William Gilson Farlow 1862

Botanist; Physician; President, American Society of Naturalists; President, National Academy of Scientists; President, American Association for the Advancement of Science; President, Botanical Society of America

  Parris Thaxter Farwell e. 1870 Chairman, Village Improvement Committee, Massachusetts Civic League; Author, Village Improvement
  Don W. Fawcett 1934 Cell Biologist; Chair, Department of Anatomy, Cornell Medical School; Hersey Professor of Anatomy and Chair, Department of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School; Pioneer of Electron Microscopy and Description of Spermatozoa and the Male Reproductive System; WWII Veteran; Founding Member and President, American Society for Cell Biology
  Raymond H. Faxon 1925 Financial Vice President, Director, Corning Natural Gas Co.; Chairman, Fall River Gas Co.; Director, Candyland, Inc., and Southern Propane Co.; Grandfather of PGA's Brad Faxon
  Eliot G. Fay 1918 Literary Critic, The New Yorker; Author, Lorenzo in Search of the Sun: D. H. Lawrence in Italy, Mexico, and the American Southwest; A New Outline of French Literature with Reading References
  Samuel Fayerweather e. 1732 Minister, St. Paul’s Church, Episcopal, Kingston, Rhode Island
  Cain Hope Felder 1962

Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Editor, The Journal of Religious Thought, Howard University; Founder, Biblical Institute of Social Change; Executive Director, Black Methodists for Church Renewal; Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church, New York City; Author, True to Our Native Land, Troubling Biblical Waters: Race, Class, and Family

  Annette M. Felzani-Dwyer 1983 Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 1999
  William Wallace Fenn 1880 Dean, Harvard Divinity School; Author, The Religious History of New England
  Aaron Feuerstein 1943 Businessman, Philanthropist; 3rd Generation Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Malden Mills (which invented Polartec fabric); Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1996
  Arthur Fiedler e. 1907 Conductor, Boston Pops Orchestra; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1978
  Joseph Field e. 1801 Minister, Weston
  Thomas Finneran 1967

Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1996-2004) Member (1979-2004); President, Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

  John F. Fitzgerald 1884 Mayor of Boston (1906-1908; 1910-1914); Representative in Congress (1895-1901; 1919)
  John Bernard Fitzpatrick e. 1826 Roman Catholic Bishop of Boston; Advocated Non-violent Response of Persecution by Know Nothings; “Second Founder” of the College of the Holy Cross

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Francis Joseph William Ford 1900 United States District Court Judge, Boston (1938-1972); United States Attorney, District of Massachusetts (1933-1938)
  Roger S. B. Foster e. 1867 Attorney; Instrumental in getting treason charges against Homestead Strike participants dropped
  Thomas Fletcher e. 1763 Lieutenant, British Army
  Thomas Flucker e. 1763 Lieutenant, British Army
  Samuel Foxcroft e. 1744 Minister, Church of Christ, Congregational, New Gloucester, Maine
  Nathaniel H. Frank 1919 Chairman, Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Author, Introduction to Electricity and Optics
  Benjamin Franklin e. 1714 Signer, Declaration of Independence, Treaty of Paris, Constitution of the United States; Member, Continental Congress; Minister to France (1778-1785); President (Governor), Pennsylvania (1785-1788); Printer; Editor, Inventor; Philosopher, Scientist, Postmaster (1775-1776); Founder, President, The Academy and College of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania); Founder, Philadelphia Fire Department; Founder, President, American Philosophical Society; Member, Royal Society; Author, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth, Essays; Benefactor, Boston Public Schools
  Kenneth L. Freed 1959 Businessman (Real Estate and Finance); Art Collector
  Sydney Joseph Freedberg 1932 Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Fine Arts, Harvard University; President, Advisory Council to the Vatican Museums for the Sistine Chapel Restoration; Curator, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; Author, Painting of the High Renaissance in Rome and Florence, Andrea del Sarto
  Constant Freeman e. 1766 Lieutenant, Continental Army; Colonel, United States Army; Auditor, United States Treasury; Original Member, Society of the Cincinnati
  James Freeman e. 1766 First Unitarian Minister, King’s Chapel
  Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham e. 1803 Pastor, First Church, Unitarian; Author, Christian Patriotism: A Sermon on the Occasion of the Death of John Adams, Metrical Pieces, Translated and Original; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Octavius Brooks Frothingham 1839 Pastor, North Unitarian Church,Salem and Third Unitarian Congregational Church, New York; Abolitionist; Art Critic, New York Tribune; Author, Stories from the Life of the Teacher, Life of Theodore Parker, Transcendentalism in New England
  Cheryl A. Frye 1984 Professor/Researcher; Expert on Neurosteroids; Professor of Psychology, University at Albany, State University of New York; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2009, First Female Recipient
  William Henry Furness e. 1816 Minister, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia; Abolitionist, Author, Thoughts on the Life and Character of Jesus of Nazareth, The Blessings of Abolition
  William Leonard Gage 1849 Minister, Hartford, Connecticut; Author, The Comparative Geography of Palestine and the Sinaitic Peninsula; A Modern Historical Atlas
  Rebecca Galeota 1992 Senior Vice-President, Cassidy Turley; Senior Director, Cushman and Wakefield; Executive Board, Boston University Law School; Board of Trustees, Boston Latin School Association; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2005
  Henry Hammond Gallison 1865

Physician; Artist, Landscape Painter

  James A. Gallivan 1884 Representative in Congress (1914-1928); Member, Massachusetts Senate (1897-1898), Massachusetts House of Representatives (1895-1896)
  John Sylvester Gardiner e. 1773 Rector, Trinity Church, Episcopalian
  Francis Gardner 1827 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1851-1876); Author
  Joseph Gardner e. 1722 Minister, Newport, Rhode Island
  Francis Jackson Garrison 1865

Abolitionist; Author, William Lloyd Garrison: The Story of His Life, with Wendell Phillips Garrison

  Joseph G. Gavin Jr. 1937 Engineer; Director, NASA Lunar Module Program; President, Grumman Corporation; Member, National Academy of Engineering; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1964
  David A. Gettleman 1968 General Manager, NY Giants (2017); GM, Carolina Panthers (2013); 30+ Years in NFL; Affiliated with Seven Super Bowl Teams
  William Gibbs e. 1723 Minister, Simsbury, Connecticut
  Grant Gilmore 1927 Professor of Law, Yale Law School, University of Chicago Law School, College of Law at Ohio State University, Vermont Law School; Author, The Death of Contract, Security Interests in Personal Property, The Ages of American Law; One of the Principal Drafters of the Uniform Commercial Code; Recipient, Ames Prize of Harvard Law School for Distinguished Legal Scholarship
  Steven A. Gluzband 1971

Public School Music Educator; Grammy-Nominated and -Winning Latin Jazz Trumpeter; Member, Ray Barretto Orchestra, Jimmy Bosch Band, Johnny Pacheco Band; Performed with Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco; Work Featured on TV and in Film

  Avram Goldberg 1947 Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, Stop & Shop; Founder, President, Avcar Group, Management Consulting; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1987
  Joseph Goldthwait e. 1738 Major, British Army
  George Goldthwaite e. 1818 Justice, Alabama Supreme Court; United States Senator, Alabama
  John Cheever Goodwin 1869 Musical Theatre Librettist (Evangeline, The Merry Monarch); Lyricist; and Producer
  Aaron Gordon 1923 Master (Social Studies, English, History, Latin), Boston Latin School; Director, Camp Tevya; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1979
  Hugh Mackay Gordon e. 1767 Lieutenant-General, British Army; Lieutenant Governor, Jersey
  Christopher Gore e. 1765 United States Senator (1813-1816); Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1809-1810); United States Attorney, District of Massachusetts (1789-1796); President, Massachusetts Historical Society
  John Gorham e. 1792 Editor, The New England Journal of Medicine
  Nathaniel Gorham e. 1746 President, Continental Congress (1786); Signer, Constitution of the United States
  Mike (Michael) Gorman 1965

Play-by-Play Announcer, Boston Celtics; Broadcast Journalist (Olympics, Big East & NBA Tournaments; Member, New England Basketball Hall of Fame

  C. Peter R. Gossels 1948 Lawyer; Town Moderator, Wayland; Member, Union for Reform Judaism; President, Congregation Beth El, Sudbury River Valley; Co-Editor, Vetaher Libenu; Author; Featured in Emmy Award-Winning Film, Children of Chabannes
  Benjamin Apthorp Gould 1840 Astronomer; Director, Dudley Observatory; Vice-President, Boston Latin School Association; Founder, Astronomical Journal; Organizer, Argentine National Observatory at Córdoba, Author, The Uranometria Argentina
  Amadeus William Grabau 1886 Father of Chinese Geology; Paleontologist; eponym: Dorsum Grabau, a wrinkle ridge on the Moon
  Charles Chapman Grafton e. 1843 Rector, Church of the Advent; Episcopal Bishop, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  Moses Grant e. 1754 Deacon, Church in Brattle Square, Congregational; Participant, Boston Tea Party
  Robert Grant 1869 Judge, Massachusetts Probate Court; Novelist; Member, Lowell Committee (Review Sacco-Vanzetti Case); President, Board of Overseers, Harvard University
  Ellis Gray e. 1723 Minister, New Brick Church, Congregational
  John Chipman Gray e. 1850 Harvard Law School Professor; founded the law firm Ropes & Gray
  Thomas Gray e. 1781 Minister, First Church (Third Parish in Roxbury), Congregational, later Unitarian Universalist, Jamaica Plain
  Adolphus W. Green 1859 Co-founder/President, National Biscuit Company (Nabisco)
  Charles Montraville Green 1870 Physician; Author, Case Studies in Diseases of Women
  Robert Montraville Green 1898 Physician; Professor of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School; Editor; Member, Editorial Board of the New England Journal of Medicine; Classicist; Poet; Translator, A Translation of Galen’s Hygiene: De Sanitate Tuenda; Asclepiades: His Life and Writings Author of BLS School Song Lyrics, "Ad Scholam Matrem", for 300th Anniversary
  Benjamin Daniel Greene e. 1806 Botanist; President, Boston Society of Natural History
  Francis Greene e. 1750 Lieutenant, British Army
  Stephen Greenleaf e. 1712 Sheriff, Suffolk County
  James Bradstreet Greenough e. 1846 Professor of Latin, Harvard; Co-Author With Robert Allen, A Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges (Allen and Greenough Series)
  Richard Saltonstall Greenough e. 1829 Sculptor, Alma Mater Statue
  William Whitwell Greenough e. 1828 President, Board of Trustees of Boston Public Library; Member, Boston City Council
  Stephen Greyser 1952 Richard B. Chapman Professor, Harvard Business School; Chairman, Editorial Board, Harvard Business Review; Author, Cases in Advertising and Communications Management, The Marketing Roles and Impact of “Tombstone” Advertising (with J.M. Case); Marketing Consultant: Boston Red Sox , MFA & professional basketball, baseball, hockey, and football leagues; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2005

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  William Mansfield Groton e. 1863

Dean, Philadelphia Divinity School; Author, The Christian Eucharist and the Pagan Cults

  Edward Everett Hale 1835 Unitarian Minister, South Congregational Church; Orator; Usher in the School; Chaplain, United States Senate; President, Boston Latin School Association; Author; Illustrious Americans, The Man Without a Country
  Joseph Hall e. 1776 Judge of Probate, Suffolk County
  Rebecca Hall 1983 Folk Singer/Songwriter; Music featured on several television shows, including Comedy Central's The Daily Show, the Independent Film Channel’s Portlandia and Netflix's Lady Dynamite; Performs as Hungrytown (with husband Ken Anderson)
  Robert Bernard Hall e. 1822 Minister; Representative in Congress (1855-1859); Abolitionist; Orator
  Abraham Meyer Halpern 1929 Anthropologist; Linguist, Specialized in Native American Languages; Ph.D. Dissertation. Grammar of Quechan, a Yuman Language, First Published Grammar of this Language
  Franklin Elmer Ellsworth Hamilton 1883 Bishop, Methodist Episcopal Church; Chancellor, American University, Washington, D.C.
  John Hancock e. 1745 Signer, Declaration of Independence; President, Continental Congress (1775-1777); Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1780-1785; 1787-1793); Merchant; Charter Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  John Hanlon 1992 Chief of Operations, Boston Public Schools; Commissioner, Property and Construction Management, City of Boston; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2005
  Paul Donal Harkins 1922 General, United States Army; Assistant Chief of Staff, Third Army, World War II; Commandant of Cadets, United States Military Academy; Chief of Staff, Eighth Army, Korean Conflict; Commander 45th and 24th Infantry Divisions, Korean Conflict; Commander, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, 1962-1964
  Matthew Harkins e. 1862 Founder, Providence College
  Francis Augustine Harris 1862

Medical Examiner, Suffolk County; Playwright, Chums: A Farce in One Act

  George Bacon Harris e. 1862

President, Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad

  Robert Orr Harris e. 1866 Representative in Congress (1911-1913); United States Attorney for Massachusetts (1921-1924)
  Edward Mussey Hartwell 1869

President, American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education; Author, Physical Training in American Colleges and Universities; Co-Author, Boston and Its Story 1630-1915; An Inaugural Fellow of the American Statistical Association (1914)

  Michael Harvey 1976

Emmy Award-Winning Writer; Academy Award-Nominated Documentary Filmmaker; Co-Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, A&E Channel's Cold Case Files; Author, Brighton, Pulse

  John King Hastings e. 1869 Author, Anti-Slavery Landmarks in Boston
  Franklin Haven 1853 United States Assistant Treasurer
  Henry Williamson Haynes 1847 Archeologist
  George Hayward e. 1805 President, Massachusetts Medical Society; Professor of the Principles of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Author, Cases of vesico-vaginal fistula treated by operation
  Maurice H. Heins 1933 Professor of Mathematics, Brown University, University of Illinois, University of Maryland; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Mathematical Society; Author, Selected Topics in the Classical Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable; Complex Function Theory
  Samuel Henshaw e. 1864 Entomologist; Curator/Director, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University; Secretary and Librarian, Boston Society of Natural History; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  William Henshaw e. 1746 Colonel, Continental Army
  Nat (Nathan) Hentoff 1941 Jazz Critic, Political/Social Commentator; Historian; Author, Boston Boy, Journey into Jazz, Free Speech for Me—But Not for Thee; Living the Bill of Rights; The Nat Hentoff Reader; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2004
  George Hughes Hepworth 1851 Minister, Boston and New York City; Author, Through Armenia on Horseback (Concerning Massacre of 1894-1895)
  Charmane Higgins 1987 Executive Director, STRIVE and Vice President for Employment and Vocational Services, Justice Resource Institute; Senior Fellow, Boston University Institute for Non-Profit Management; Chair, Board of Trustees, Boston Latin School Association; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2012
  Henry Lee Higginson e. 1851 Banker; Founder and Benefactor, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Benefactor, Harvard University
  George Stillman Hillard 1824 United States District Attorney; Dean, Boston University School of Law
  Frederic Hinckley e. 1837 Minister, Lowell and Washington, D.C.
  Robert G. Hoffman 1947 President, Robert G. Hoffman, Inc.; Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Synergy Group, Inc.; Vice Chairman, United Nations International School; Dr. Joseph F. Desmond ’44 Volunteer Award 1997
  Elizur Holyoke e. 1739 Treasurer, Harvard College; Minister, First Church, Congregational, Boxford
  William Hooper e. 1749 Signer, Declaration of independence; Member, Continental Congress; Lawyer, Wilmington, North Carolina
  Henry Marion Howe 1865

Metallurgist; President, American Institute of Mining Engineers; President, American Society for Testing Materials; Chairman, National Research Council

  Samuel Gridley Howe e. 1812 Physician; Founder, Director, Perkins Institution for the Blind; Abolitionist, Member of the Secret Six, Supporters of John Brown
  Charles Hale Hoyt e. 1876 Producer; Playwright, A Trip to Chinatown, A Parlor Match; A Stranger in New York; Drama Critic; Manager, Hoyt’s Madison Square Theatre; Member, New Hampshire Legislature
  John Hull e. 1635 Mint Master, Massachusetts Bay Colony
  Christine McGuire Hunschofsky 1987 Public Servant, Mayor, Parkland, FL; Former Parkland, FL City Commissioner; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2019
  Leavitt Hunt e. 1839 Lawyer, Colonel, Assistant Adjutant General, United States Army; Linguist (Persian, Sanskrit); Photographer
  Richard Morris Hunt e. 1839 Architect; Founder, American Institute of Architects; Designed Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pedestal of Statue of Liberty, Fogg Art Museum, the Biltmore Estate
  Samuel Hunt e. 1753 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1776-1805)
  James W. Hunt III 1990 Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Community Relations, Northeast Utilities; Chief of Environment and Energy, City of Boston; Member, Board of Trustees, Boston Latin School Association; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2009
  George Lathrop Huntington e. 1820 Mayor, Springfield, Illinois
  Henry Greenough Huntington e. 1863

Vice-Consul of the United States and Acting Belgian Consul at Florence; Author, Florentine Notes

  Elisha Hutchinson e. 1648 Chief Justice, Court of Common Pleas. Province of Massachusetts Bay
  Thomas Hutchinson e. 1716 Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court; Lieutenant Governor (1758-1771) and Governor (1771-1774), Province of Massachusetts Bay; Historian, The History of the Colony (Province) of Massachusetts Bay (three volumes)
  Joanne Hyppolite 1987 Curator, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African American History and Culture; Chief Curator, Co-Curator, A Century in the Making: Building the National Museum of African American History and Culture; Chief Curator, History Miami; Author, Ola Shakes It Up, Seth and Samona
  Antonino E. Iovino 1922 Attorney; Suffolk County Assistant D.A.; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1962
  Charles Jackson e. 1784 Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1813-1824); Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Author, Treatise on the Pleadings and Practice in Real Actions
  Henry Jackson e. 1756 Colonel, Continental Army; Original Member, Society of the Cincinnati
  James Jackson e. 1784 President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Hersey Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Harvard; Co-Founder, New England Journal of Medicine
  Jonathan Jackson e. 1750 Member, Continental Congress; Treasurer, Harvard College
  Joseph Jackson e. 1742 Minister, Christ Church, Congregational, Brookline
  Constantine P. Jameson 1937 Master, Boston Latin School; Actor (Conrad Jameson); Semi-Pro Baseball Player; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2001

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Clifford B. Janey 1964

Educator; VP of Scholastic Inc.; Superintendent of Schools, Newark, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Rochester, New York; Chief Academic Officer, Boston Public Schools 

  Leonard Jarvis e. 1791 Representative in Congress, Maine (1829-1837); Sheriff, Hancock County, Maine (1821-1829)
  William Jenks e. 1790 Minister, Bath, Maine; First Minister to Seamen, Boston; Pastor, Green Street Church, Unitarian
  Austin W. Jones 1948 Chief Deputy Clerk, United States District Court, District of Massachusetts
  Julia Jones 1999 Film and Television Actor; The Twilight Saga, ER
  Dennis J. Kearney 1968 Attorney and Politician; Massachusetts State Representative; Sheriff of Suffolk County
  Harry V. Keefe Jr. 1939 Investment Manager; Partner, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods; Founder, Keefe Management; Benefactor, Boston Latin School, Harry V. Keefe Jr. Library; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1999
  Robert H. Keller 1942
  Arthur Leo Kennedy 1959

Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Boston; Rector, St. John’s Seminary, Brighton, Massachusetts

  Joseph P. Kennedy 1908 Businessman; Banker; Importer; Movie Producer; First Chairman, United States Securities and Exchange Commission; Minister to Great Britain; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1957; Father of President John F. Kennedy
  Reuben Kidner 1871 Minister, Trinity Church
  John King 1981 Broadcast Journalist; Chief National Correspondent, Cable News Network (CNN); Host, Inside Politics
  Dick (Richard Stuart Cutter) King 1912 All American Football Player, Harvard 1915; Pioneer Professional Football Player and Coach
  William Kneeland e. 1740 President, Massachusetts Medical Society
  Henry Knox e. 1758 Major General; Chief of Artillery, Continental Army; United States Secretary of War (1789-1794); Continental Secretary of War (1785-1789); Bookseller; Original Member, Society of the Cincinnati
  Yehuda Krinsky e. 1945 Rabbi; Chabad-Lubavittch Hasidic Movement; Chairman, L”Inyonei Chinuch and Machneh Israel; Director, Kehot Publication Society.
  Charles Stoddard Lane 1876 Pastor, Presbyterian Church; Mount Vernon, New York; Secretary, Hartford Seminary Foundation, Hartford Theological Seminary; Vice-President, Hartford School of Religious Pedagogy
  Philip J. Landrigan 1959

Epidemiologist; Pediatrician; Chair, Department of Preventive Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York City; Author, Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World; Recipient, Rachel Carson Environmental Award, National Nutritional oods Association; Meritorious Servcie Medal, United States Public Health Service; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2014

  Samuel Langdon e. 1729 President, Harvard College (1774-1780); Minister, First Church, Congregational, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  William L. Langer 1912 Chairman, History Department, Harvard University; Director, Research and Analysis Branch, Office of Strategic Services; President, American Historical Association; Editor, An Encyclopedia of World History; Author, The Diplomacy of Imperialism; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1972
  Samuel Pierpoint Langley e. 1845 Physicist; Inventor of the Bolometer; Pioneer in Aviation; eponym: Langley Air Force Base; Secretary, Smithsonian Institution; Founder, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  Roy E. Larsen 1917 President, Time, Inc., Publisher, Time, Life, Fortune, Sports Illustrated; Chairman, National Citizens Commission for Public Schools; Director, Nature Conservancy; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1967
  T. Vincent Learson 1931 President, Chief Operating Officer, IBM; United States Ambassador at Large for Law of the Sea Matters; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1969
  Michael Leven 1955

Prominent Corporate and Hospitality Executive; Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Aquarium; Chief Executive Officer, President, U.S. Franchise Systems; President, Chief Operating Officer, Holiday Inns Worldwide; President, Days Inn of America; Founder of Asian American Hotel Association; Chairman, Biomedical Services Board, American Red Cross; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2016

  Robert Levenson 1913 Partner, Purl Knit Sales Co.; Lyricist, My Belgian Rose, When the Lilies Bloom in France Again, Little by Little You’re Breaking My Heart
  Norman B. Leventhal 1933 Co-Founder/Chairman, The Beacon Companies; Award-Winning Developer, Rowes Wharf, Norman B. Leventhal Park at Post Office Square; Benefactor, Boston Public Library, Norman B. Leventhal Map Center; MIT, Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal Center for Jewish Life; Author, Mapping Boston; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1986
  Frederic Percival Leverett e. 1817 Head Master, Boston Latin School; Author, Leverett’s Latin Lexicon
  John Leverett e. 1635 Governor, Massachusetts Bay Colony (1673-1679); Governor, Acadia (1654-1657)
  John Leverett the Younger e. 1669 President, Harvard College (1707-1724) (founder “of the liberal tradition of Harvard University”); Judge, Superior Court, Province of Massachusetts Bay
  Max Levine 1907 Educator; Modern Language Master, Boston Latin School (1915-1960); Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1960; Officer at BLSA

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Ezra Lincoln e. 1830 Major, United States Army
  Herman Lincoln e. 1831 Minister, Jamaica Plain; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Providence, Rhode Island
  Howard Lindsay (Herman Nelke) 1907 Playwright, Librettist (with Russel Crouse): State of the Union, The Sound of Music, Call Me Madam; Actor, Director, Broadway Producer; President, The Players Club; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1956
  John Wesley Lindsay e. 1833 President, Genesee College (later Syracuse University)
  William Birckhead Lindsay e. 1869 Professor of Chemistry, Dickinson College; Co-Author, Manual of Chemistry (with H.F. Storer)
  James Lloyd e. 1776 United States Senator (1807-1813, 1822-1826); Developer, India Wharf, Central Wharf; Supporter, Boston Athenaeum; President, Boston Manufacturing Company. Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member, American Antiquarian Society
  Richard Walley Lodge 1874 Metallurgist; Author, Notes on Assaying and Metallurgical Laboratory Experiments
  Edward Lawrence Logan 1894 Major General, United States Army, Massachusetts National Guard; Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1901-1902) and Senate (1906); Massachusetts Commander, American Legion; President, National Guard Association of the United States; Logan International Airport Named in His Honor
  Warren Plimpton Lombard e. 1865 Physician; President, American Physiological Society
  Charles L. Longfield 1974

Chief Scientist, Senior Vice President, Blackbaud, Inc.; Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Target Analysis Group, Inc.; Co-Founder, Chief Scientist, Chief Executive Officer, Target Software, Inc.; Dr. Joseph F. Desmond ’44 Volunteer Award 1994

  William F. Looney Jr. 1949 Lawyer; Founding Partner, Looney and Grossman; President, Boston Bar Association; Founder, BLS Foundation; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1985
  William F. Looney Sr. 1915 First President, Boston State College; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1963
  Albert Bates Lord 1930 Chair, Department of Folklore and Mythology, Professor of Classics, Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature, Harvard University; Author, The Singer of Tales, The Singer Resumes the Tale; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1990
  Edward Greely Loring e. 1844 Lieutenant-Colonel, United States Army; Director, Boston Art Museum (Museum of Fine Arts)
  James Lovell e. 1744 Usher, Boston Latin School; Member, Continental Congress; Cipher Expert, deciphered British messages for General Washington; Signer, Articles of Confederation
  John Lovell e. 1717 Loyalist; Head Master, Boston Latin School (1734-1775)
  Joseph Lovell e. 1800 Surgeon-General, United States Army (1818-1836)
  Augustus Lowell 1846 Treasurer, Merrimack Manufacturing Company, Boott Cotton Mill; Director, Winnipiseogee Lake Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company; Member of Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Vice President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  James Jackson Lowell 1854 First Lieutenant, United States Army (d. 1862, Glendale, Virginia)
  John Lowell e. 1711 Congregational Minister, Newburyport
  John Lowell e. 1776 Co-Founder, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Athenaeum
  Samuel Henry Lunt e. 1847 Captain, United States Army
  Shelby R. Lyman 1955 Educator; Syndicated Writer; Nationally Ranked Chess Master (No. 18); Commentator, World Championship Chess Match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky
  Benjamin Lynde e. 1680 Chief Justice, Superior Court, Province of Massachusetts Bay
  Malcolm A. MacIntyre 1925 Under Secretary, United States Air Force; President, Eastern Air Lines (credited with establishing NYC/Boston/D.C. Shuttle; Executive Vice President, Martin Marietta Corporation; Lawyer; Inductee, National Lacrosse Hall of Fame; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1965
  Freddie (Frederick Edward) Maguire 1918 Major League Baseball Player (1924-1931), New York Giants, Chicago Cubs, Boston Braves; Scout, Boston Red Sox
  Burton Malkiel 1949 Economist; Professor of Economics, Chair Economics Department, Princeton University; Dean, Yale School of Management; Member, Council of Economic Advisers; President, American Finance Association; Author, A Random Walk Down Wall Street; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2011
  Wilfred Malenbaum 1930 Economist; Economic Development Specialist; United States Representative on Numerous International Commissions; Author, The World Wheat Economy: 1885-1939; Modern India’s Economy: Two Decades of Planned Growth; World Demand for Raw Materials in 1985 and 2000 (1978)
  Seaton W. Manning 1930 Professor, San Francisco State College; Industrial Secretary, Boston Urban League; Author, Negro Trade Unionists in Boston, The Tragedy of the Ten-Million-Acre Bill
  Augustus Francke Mason e. 1858

Pastor, Calvinist Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

  Jonathan Mason e. 1774 United States Senator (1800-1803); Representative in Congress (1817-1820)
  Cotton Mather e. 1669 New England Puritan Minister; Theologian; Author
  Samuel Mather e. 1681 Congregational Minister, Witney, England; Theologian
  Samuel Mather e. 1712 Minister; Second Church, Congregational; Author, Life of Cotton Mather

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Dickens Mathieu 1983 General Counsel and Secretary of the College, Trinity College, Hartford; Founding Director, Discovering Justice, The James D. St. Clair Court Education Project
  Richard A. May 1914 United States Government Service; Presidential Highest Civilian Award, Medal of Freedom
  Samuel May 1825 Minister, Leicester Unitarian Church
  Thomas McCarthy 1968

Chairman, Beijing International Group (Sports Management)

  Samuel Foster McCleary 1836 City Clerk, Boston
  David McClure e. 1759 Minister, New Hampton, New Hampshire and East Winsor, Connecticut
  Wade H. McCree Jr. 1937 U.S. Solicitor General; 1st African American Justice, U.S. Appeals Court, Sixth Circuit, U.S. District Court, Eastern Michigan; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1961
  Robert F. McDermott 1937 Brigadier General, United States Air Force; First Permanent Professor and First Dean of Faculty, United States Air Force Academy; Chief Executive Officer, United Services Automobile Association (USAA); Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1994
  George Leonard McKim 1918 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1948-1954)
  Edward F. McLaughlin Jr. 1938 Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1961-1963); Member, Boston City Council (1953-1960), President (1959-1960); Lieutenant, United States Navy
  John McLean (McLane) e. 1772 Philanthropist, Endowed Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean Hospital
  Thomas Melvil e. 1758 Participant, Boston Tea Party
  Theodore Aloysius Metcalf e. 1858

Chancellor, Archdiocese of Boston

  George Harrison Mifflin 1861

Publisher; President, Houghton, Mifflin Company

  Henry A. Miley Jr. 1932 General, United States Army; Commander, Army Materiel Command; Awarded Distinguished Service Medal
  Melvin B. Miller 1952 Publisher, Editor, Bay State Banner; Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Massachusetts; Conservator, Unity Bank and Trust Company; Partner, Fitch, Miller and Tourse; Vice President, General Counsel, WHDH TV; Trustee, Boston University; Trustee, Huntington Theatre Company; Author, How to Get Rich When You Ain’t Got Nothing: The African-American Guide to Gaining and Building Wealth; Boston's Banner Years: 1965–2015, A Saga of Black Success
  Merton H. Miller 1940 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (1990); Faculty, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago; Fellow, Econometric Society; President, American Finance Association; Co-Creator, Modigliani-Miller Theorem; Author, Merton Miller on Derivatives, Financial Innovations and Market Volatility, Macroeconomics: A Neoclassical Introduction; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1995
  Stanley Miller 1948 Real Estate Entrepreneur; Founder, Space Makers, Realty Financial Partners; Partner, Congress Realty Companies’ Chairman, Board of Directors, Boston Latin School Association; Introduced Annual Giving Effort as BLSA President (1978); Philanthropist; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1997
  Martin Milmore e. 1859

Sculptor, Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boston Common

  Leroy Matthew Simpson Miner 1901 Dean, Harvard Dental School; Author, The Problem of Dental Infection, Dental Disease as Related to Systemic Disease, The New Dentistry
  John Francis Moakley 1879 Track and Field Coach, Cornell University, United States Olympic Team (1920); Inductee, National Track and Field Hall of Fame
  Paul Mockapetris 1966

Co-Inventor (Jon Postel); Domain Name System; Developer, SMPT Email Server; Proposer, DNS Architecture; Writer, Jeeves (DNS implementation); Program Manager, Advanced Research Projects Agency; Chair, Internet Engineering Task Force; Inductee, Internet Hall of Fame

  Jo (Joseph Jacinto) Mora e. 1890 Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, Scratching a Twister, Poppy Girl; Author, A Log of the Spanish Main, Californios: The Saga of the Hard-Riding Vaqueros, America’s First Cowboys
  Alfred Moore e. 1763 Captain, Continental Army; Justice, United States Supreme Court (1800-1804); Attorney General, North Carolina (1782-1792)
  Charles Sturtevant Moore 1869 Principal, Taunton High School, New Bedford High School
  Frederick T. Moore Jr. 1932 Captain, United States Navy; Chief of Staff, Naval Air Training Command, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida; Commanding Officer, USS Saratoga (CV-60); Played Key Role in Naval Aviator Ramp Up, One of the Wonders of the Modern World
  Clement G. Morgan 1886 Lawyer; Founding Member, Niagara Movement, Boston Branch National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Member, Cambridge Common Council
  Jean O'Callaghan-Morris 1978 Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 1998
  William F. Morrissey 1915 Commissioner, Port of Boston Authority; Chair, Boston's Board of Assessors; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1976
  Godfrey Morse e. 1863 Attorney; Member, Boston School Committee; Member and Chairman, Boston Common Council; President, Leonard Morse Home for Infirm Hebrews
  Hosea Ballou Morse e. 1870 Sinologist, Chinese Maritime Customs Service; Author, The International Relations of the Chinese Empire
  Perez Morton e. 1760 Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1810-1832); Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1806-1808; 1810-1811); Member, Committees of Safety, Committees of Correspondence; Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Masons
  William James Morton 1861 Physician; Authority in Electrotherapeutics, his device for establishing the eponym: Morton current, led to the X-ray
  William James Morton 1863

Physician; Editor, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease; President, New York Neurological Society; Pioneer, Electrotherapeutics, Cataphoresis

  John Lothrop Motley e. 1824 Minister to Austria and Great Britain; Historian; Author, The Rise of the Dutch Republic, The United Netherlands, Causes of the Civil War in America
  Most Rev. William Murphy 1957

Roman Catholic Bishop, Rockville Center, Long Island

  William Francis Murray 1900 Representative in Congress (1911-1914); Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1907-1908); Postmaster, Boston
  David Saville Muzzey 1889 Professor of American History, Columbia University; Gouverneur Morris Professor of History, Columbia University; Author, An American History; Readings in American History
  Anton Myrer 1939 Author, Once an Eagle, The Big War, In Love and War
  Raymond D. Nasher 1939 Founder, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas, Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1993
  William Newell e. 1820 Minister, First Parish, Unitarian, Cambridge
  Barry Newman 1948 Stage, Screen, and Television Actor; The Mousetrap; What Makes Sammy Run?; The Lawyer; Vanishing Point; Petrocelli; Benefactor, Boston Latin School
  Samuel Newman e. 1766 Captain, United States Army
  Charles McIlvaine Nicholson e. 1862

Rector, Church of the Messiah, Woods Hole

  Stephen Westcott Nickerson e. 1867 Economist; Author, The Laws of Money and the Errors and Recantations of the United States Supreme Court; History of the Bank of England
  William North e. 1764 Adjutant General, Continental Army
  Elliot Norton 1922 Drama Critic, Boston Post, Boston Record American, Boston Herald American; The Dean of American Theatre Critics; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1981
  Benjamin Franklin Nutting e. 1816 Artist; Exhibitions: New England Art Union, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Art Club
  Jack (John J.) O'Callahan 1975

United States Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team (1980); Professional Hockey Player, Chicago Blackhawks, New Jersey Devils;  Featured in films: Miracle on Ice, and Miracle; Founder, Beanpot Financial

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  David Ochterlony e. 1766 Major-General, Army of British East India Co,; Baronet; Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath
  Thomas H. O’Connor 1942 Professor, Chair, History Department, University Historian, Boston College; Author, Lords of the Loom: The Cotton Whigs and the Coming of the Civil War, South Boston: My Home Town, Boston Irish: A Political History, The Athens of America: Boston, 1825-1845; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1998
  Cleo A. O'Donnell 1903 Head Football Coach, Purdue University, College of the Holy Cross, St. Anselm College, Everett High School, Greatest High School Team of All Time (1914) (Sports Illustrated, 1984)
  Iyeoka I. Okoawo 1993 Poet; Recording Artist; TED Global Fellow 2010; Her “Yellow Brick Road Song” was featured on HBO and USA Network series; MA Industry Hip-Hop Award, 2007
  Daniel José Older 1998 New York Times Best Selling Author; Fantasy Writer, Salsa Nocturna, Half-Resurrection Blues, Shadowshaper; Named "Rising Star of the Genre (urban fantasy)" by Publishers Weekly
  Wilfred L. O’Leary 1925 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1964-1976); Award-Winning Educator; Colonel, United States Air Force; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1975
  Andrew Oliver e. 1713 Merchant; Lieutenant Governor, Province of Massachusetts Bay (1771-1774); Secretary of the Province (1756-1771)
  Andrew Oliver e. 1739 Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Essex County
  Brindley Sylvester Oliver e. 1763 Surgeon, British Army
  Daniel Oliver e. 1777 Minister, Beverly
  Henry Kemble Oliver e. 1810 Mayor, Lawrence (1859); Mayor, Salem (1877-1880); Adjutant-General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1844-1848); Treasurer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1886-1889); Superintendent of Schools, Lawrence (1857-1859)
  Peter Oliver e. 1719 Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court, Province of Massachusetts Bay
  William Sandford Oliver e. 1756 Loyalist; Sheriff, St. John County, New Brunswick
  Michael O’Neill 1978 Chairman, Boston School Committee; Executive Vice President, Financial Services, Agency 451; President, Citizens Financial Group Insurance Services
  Harrison Gray Otis e. 1773 United States Senator (1817-1822); Representative in Congress (1791-1801); United States Attorney. District of Massachusetts (1796); President, Massachusetts Senate (1895-1806; 1808-1811); Mayor of Boston (1829-1832); Judge, Massachusetts Court of Common Pleas; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Samuel Allyne Otis e. 1748 Secretary, United States Senate (1789-1814); Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1784-1785)
  Adino Paddock e. 1735 Colonel Militia, Province of Massachusetts Bay; Captain British Army
  Charles Jackson Paine 1849 Major-General, United States Army; Yachtsman, Three-Time Winner America’s Cup; Great-grandson of Robert Treat Paine (e. 1738), Declaration of Independence Signer
  Joshua Paine e. 1773 Minister, First Church, Congregational, Charlestown
  Robert Treat Paine e. 1738 Signer, Declaration of Independence; Member, Continental Congress; Prosecuting Attorney, Boston Massacre; Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1777-1790); Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (1790-1804)
  Robert Treat Paine 1851 Philanthropist; President, Associated Charities; Great-grandson of Robert Treat Paine (e. 1738), Declaration of Independence Signer)
  Summer Paine 1861

2nd Lieutenant, United States Army (d. 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

  William Palfrey e. 1749 Paymaster-General, Continental Army

Jack (John A.) Palladino

1962 Private Investigator; Attorney: high profile work for: John DeLorean, Bill Clinton, Courtney Love
  Isaac Parker e. 1777 Chief Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1814-1830); Representative in Congress (1797-1799)
  Samuel Dunn Parker e. 1788 District Attorney, Suffolk County
  Samuel Parker Parker e. 1815 Minister, Stockbridge
  George Parkman e. 1800 Physician; Philanthropist; Benefactor, McLean Hospital;
  William Parmenter e. 1800 Representative in Congress (1837-1845)
  Thomas Parsons 1825 Chairman, Massachusetts Prison Commission
  Thomas Willam. Parsons e. 1828 Poet; Translator, Dante’s Divine Comedy; Dentist
  Selim Hobart Peabody e. 1842 President, Chicago Academy of Sciences; Vice-President, University of Illinois
  John Peck e. 1736 Shipbuilder: Hazard, Empress of China
  William Dandridge Peck e. 1771 Botanist; Entomologist; Professor of Natural History, Harvard University; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Founding Member, Vice President, American Antiquarian Society; Author, Natural History of the Slug Worm, On Insects which Affect Oaks and Cherry Trees
  Henry Pelham e. 1758 Loyalist; Painter, Cartographer, Engraver; Engraving: The Fruits of Arbitrary Power, or The Bloody Massacre
  Ebenezer Pemberton e. 1680 Minister, Old South Church, Congregational
  Ebenezer Pemberton e. 1712 Minister, Old North Church, Episcopal
  Sir William Pepperell e. 1755 Loyalist; Founder, Bible Society; Founder, London Association of Loyalists
  Dexter Perkins 1905 Professor of History, University of Rochester; Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions, Cambridge University; Professor of American Civilization, Cornell University; President, Salzburg Global Seminar; President, American Historical Association; Author, The American Approach to Foreign Policy
  Charles Abner Phelps e. 1832 President, Massachusetts Senate; U.S. Consul in Bohemia
  Thomas L. Phillips 1942 Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Raytheon; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1968
  Wendell Phillips 1827 Abolitionist; Orator
  William Phillips e. 1758 Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  George Alcott Phinney 1876 Minister, Cliftondale, Peabody, Salem, Dorchester, Newton Centre, Roslindale
  Edward Charles Pickering e. 1862

Astronomer; Director, Harvard College Observatory; Author, Elements of Physical Manipulations

  Richard G. Pond 1977 Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Henley Limited Partnership; Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Boston Celtics Limited Partnership; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 1996
  Augustus Russell Pope e. 1829 Unitarian Minister, Kingston, Somerville; Inventor, Burglar Alarm
  William Dummer Powell e. 1762 Loyalist; Chief Justice, Upper Canada
  Frederic Henry Prince e. 1870 Investor; Chairman, Union Stockyards and Transit Company
  Frederick Octavius Prince e. 1827 Mayor of Boston (1877, 1879-1881); Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1851-1853), Massachusetts Senate (1854); President, Board of Trustees, Boston Public Library
  John Prince e. 1769 Minister, First Church, Unitarian, Salem
  William Prince e. 1824 Major, United States Army

Charles Pickering Putnam

e. 1855

Chairman, Board of Children’s Institutions; President, American Pediatric Society; Founder, Boston Society for the Relief of Destitute Mothers and Children

  James Jackson Putnam 1862

Neurologist; President, American Neurological Association; President, American Psychoanalytical Association

  J. Pickering (John Amory Lowell) Putnam e. 1864

Architect; Designer, Apartment Houses; Author, The Open Fire-Place in All Ages, Improved Plumbing Appliances, Plumbing and Household Sanitation

  Thomas Ruggles Pynchon e. 1832 President, Trinity College
  Carroll Quigley 1929 Historian; Political Philosopher; Professor, School of Foreign Affairs, Georgetown University; Author, The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, Weapons Systems and Political Stability: A History; Consultant: Defense Department, House Select Committee on Astronautics & Space Exploration, U.S. Navy, Smithsonian
  Josiah Quincy (Quincey) Jr. e. 1754 Patriot; Emissary to Great Britain; Defense Attorney for Captain Preston, Boston Massacre
  Samuel Quincy (Quincey) e. 1743 Loyalist; Solicitor General, Province of Massachusetts Bay; Comptroller of Customs, Antigua
  Irving Rabb 1930 Vice Chairman, President, Stop & Shop; Chairman, Board of Trustees, Beth Israel Hospital; Board Member, Boston Symphony Orchestra, New England Conservatory of Music, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  Sidney Rabb 1916 Introduced Modern Supermarket Concept; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stop & Shop (orig. Economy Grocery Stores); Board Member, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Museum of Fine Arts, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Hebrew College; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1955
  Joseph A. Raffaele 1962 Entrepreneur; Founder, Plantation Products
  John Rand e. 1735 Librarian, Harvard College; Congregational Minister, Lyndeborough, New Hampshire
  Frank Eldridge Randall 1870 Attorney; President, Empire Coal and Coke Company; Secretary and Treasurer, Western Gas and Fuel Company; Vice-President and Treasurer, Washington County Railroad
  Dan Rea 1966

Broadcast Journalist, WBZ Television and Radio, Nightside with Dan Rea

  Sumner Redstone 1940 Lawyer; Businessman; Media Magnate; Chairman, National Amusements, Viacom, CBS, Paramount Pictures; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1989
  James Reed 1851 Minister, Swedenborgian Church; Author, Swedenborg and the New Church
  Edward Hutchinson Robbins Revere e. 1840 Surgeon, United States Army (d. September 17, 1862, Antietam)
  Paul Joseph Revere e. 1842 Colonel, 20th Massachusetts Volunteers, United States Army (d. July 4, 1763, Gettysburg)
  Frank Chase Richardson e. 1871 Neurologist; President, Boston Homœopathic Medical Society; President Massachusetts Homœopathic Medical Society; President, Society of Neurology and Psychiatry
  George Washington Richardson e. 1820 Mayor, Worcester

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Joseph Roberts e. 1730 Minister, Leicester
  Sidney Roberts 1935 Educator; 1st Professorial Appointment to the Dept. of Physiological Chemistry in the new UCLA Medical School; Second Lieutenant, Surgeon General's Office, U.S. Army
  Edward Robinson 1875 Director, Museum of Fine Arts; Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  Patrick Roche 1946 Entrepreneur; Co-Founder, Roche Bros./Sudbury Farms Supermarkets; Philanthropist; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2002
  Ralph B. Rogers 1926 Chairman, President, CEO, Texas Industries; Chairman, Public Broadcasting System; Co-Founder, Children’s Television Workshop; Recipient, Horatio Alger Award; Ralph Lowell Award, Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1966
  Hubert St. Pierre Ruffin e. 1870 Attorney, Ruffin and Wilson
  Gerald Mayer Rubin 1967

Biologist; Professor; Vice President, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; John D. MacArthur Professor of Genetics, University of California, Berkeley; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Academy of Microbiology; Pioneer, Use of Transposable P Elements in Genetics, Scientist of the Year (R&D Magazine)

  Thomas Ryan Jr. 1959

President, Chief Operating Officer, American Stock Exchange; Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Kidder-Peabody; C-Chairman, New York Stock Exchange Market Regulations Review Committee; Benefactor, Boston Latin School

  Robert Sabbag 1964

Journalist; Author, Snowbird: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade, Smokescreen: A True Adventure; Screenwriter, Golden Globe Nominated Film Witness Protection; Survivor, ANE Flight 248 Crash

  George Blagdon Safford 1848 Minister, Burlington, Vermont
  Stanley Salett 1955 National Education Policy Advisor (an architect of Upward Bound, Head Start); Civil Rights Organizer; Author
  Edward Elbridge Salisbury 1828 Professor of Arabic and Sanskrit, Yale College; President American Oriental Society
  Richard Saltonstall e. 1740 Colonel, British Army
  Frederick P. Salvucci 1957

Civil Engineer; Secretary of Transportation, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1975-1979; 1983-1991); Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  George Santayana 1882 Philosopher; Essayist; Novelist; Founder, Boston Latin School Register; Author, The Life of Reason: or the Phases of Human Progress, Scepticism and Animal Faith: Introduction to a System of Philosophy, The Last Puritan: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel
  Epes Sargent e. 1829 Poet; Playwright; Journalist; Editor, New York Mirror, Boston Evening Transcript; Author, Wealth and Worth, or, Which Makes the Man?
  Henry Winthrop Sargent 1826 Horticulturalist; Author, Skeleton Tours, Supplements to Andrew Downing’s A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening
  Winthrop Sargent e. 1759 Captain-Lieutenant, Continental Artillery; Secretary, Northwest Territory (1788-1798), Acting Governor (1796-1798); Governor, Mississippi Territory (1798-1801); Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member, American Antiquarian Society; Original Member, Society of the Cincinnati
  William Schawbel 1957

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, The Schawbel Corporation (Patented ThermaCELL Technology); Co-Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Town and Country Corp. President, Boston Latin School Foundation; Benefactor Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2013

  Marvin Samuel Schindler 1950 Professor of German and Slavic Studies, Chair, Department of Romance and Germanic Languages and Literatures, Wayne State University; Recipient, Bundesverdienstkreuz, Germany’s Highest Civilian Honor
  John Schouler e. 1860

Rear Admiral, United States Navy

  Horace Elisha Scudder 1954 Atlantic Monthly Editor; Author; Historian; His early history text is the standard for all history text books
  Jeremiah Evarts Scudder e. 1845 Minister, Great Barrington
  Samuel Hubbard Scudder e. 1846 Entomologist; Paleontologist, Founder of Insect Paleontology in America
  David Sears e. 1799 Merchant; Longwood Developer
  Norman Seaver 1850 Minister, Rutland, Vermont; Brooklyn, New York; Syracuse, New York; St. Paul, Minnesota
  Sheldon Seevak 1946 Investment Banker; Social Justice Activist; Lawyer; Partner, Goldman Sachs, Founder, Real Estate Division; Philanthropist; Benefactor, Facing History and Ourselves; Benefactor, Boston Latin School, Seevak Chair in History; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2000
  Harold B. Segel 1947 Professor of Slavic Literatures and Comparative Literature, Columbia University; Author, The Literature of Eighteenth-Century Russia: A History and Anthology, Renaissance Culture in Poland: The Rise of Humanism, The Columbia Guide to the Literature of Eastern Europe Since 1945; Decorated by Polish Government for Contributions on Behalf of Polish Culture
  Jonathan Sewall e. 1696 Minister, Old South Church, Congregational; Declined Presidency, Harvard College (1724)
  Joseph Sewall e. 1737 Loyalist; Attorney General, Province of Massachusetts Bay; Judge of Admiralty, New Brunswick
  Samuel Sewall e. 1765 Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1800-1814), Chief Justice (1814); Representative in Congress (1796-1800); Fellow, American Society of Arts and Sciences; Member, American Antiquarian Society
  Jerrold Lee Shapiro 1960

Professor, Chairman, Department of Counseling Psychology, Director, Center for Professional Development, Santa Clara University; Author, Methods of Group Psychotherapy and Encounter: A Tradition of Innovation, The Measure of a Man: Becoming the Father You Wish Your Father Had Been, Pragmatic Existential Counseling and Psychotherapy: Intimacy, Intuition and the Search for Meaning; American Psychological Association Fellow

  Harry L. Shapiro 1919 Anthropologist; Curator, American Museum of Natural History; President, American Anthropological Association; President, American Eugenics Society; Author, The Heritage of the Bounty: The story of Pitcairn Island through Six Generations, Peking Man, The Jewish People: A Biological History
  Frederic Cheever Shattuck e. 1861

Physician; Endowed Chair in Tropical Medicine, Harvard Medical School

  George Cheyne Shattuck e. 1822 President, Massachusetts Medical Society; Hersey Professor, Theory and Practice of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  George Russell Shaw e. 1863 Architect, Wellesley Town Hall, Boston Free Hospital for Women; Arborist, Author, The Genus Pinus
  Edward F. Shea 1960 Senior U.S. District Court Judge, Eastern District of Washington (appointed by President Clinton, 1998)
  Roger Hale Sheaffe e. 1770 General, British Army; Baronet
  Henry Maurice Sheffer 1901 Logician; eponym: Sheffer stroke, Sheffer connective; Credited with coining the term "Boolean algebra"
  Lawrence E. Shulman 1937 Physician; Founding Director, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases; Chief, Connective Tissue Division, Johns Hopkins Medical School; Recipient, Heberden Medal, British Society of Rheumatology; President, American Rheumatism Association (now American College of Rheumatology); eponym: Shulman Syndrome
  Nathaniel B. Shurtleff e. 1822 20th Mayor of Boston (1868-1871); Physician
  Andrew Sigourney e. 1776 Treasurer, Town of Boston
  Lawrence R. Silverman 1973

Ambassador to Kuwait; Director, Office of Southern European Affairs; Director of Israel and Palestinian Affairs; Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs

  Samuel Silverman 1911 Corporation Counsel, City of Boston; Member, MA House of Representatives 1915-1916; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1958
  Edward Emerson Simmons e. 1866 Artist; Impressionist Painter
  John Simpkins e. 1776 Minister, First Parish, Congregational, Brewster
  Rachel Skerritt 1995 Head Master, Boston Latin School (2017- ); Principal, Eastern Senior High School, Washington, D.C.; Deputy Chief, Leadership Development, D.C. Public Schools; Chief of Staff, Boston Public Schools; English Master, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2011
  Richard B. Slifka 1957 Businessman; President & CFO of Global Petroleum Corp
  Nathaniel Smibert e. 1744 Artist
  Amos Smith 1834 Unitarian Minister, Leominster, Belmont
  Isaac Smith e. 1756 Librarian, Harvard College
  Joshua L. Smith 1951 Professor, Director, Program in Higher Education and Center for Urban Community College Leadership, New York University School of Education; Chancellor, California Community Colleges; Dean, School of Education, City College of New York
  Hamilton Sutton Smith e. 1870 Attorney, Dentist, Photographer
  Samuel Francis Smith 1825 Author, America; My Country ‘Tis of Thee; Collaborator, "The Star Spangled Banner" ; Minister, Needham; Pastor, First Baptist Church, Newton; Member, Songwriters Hall of Fame
  Thomas Smith e. 1709 First Congregational Minister, Portland, Maine
  Frank M. Snowden Jr. 1928 Chairman, Classics Department, Dean, College of Liberal Studies, Howard University; Cultural Attaché, United States Embassy, Rome; Recipient, National Humanities Medal; Author, Blacks in Antiquity: Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman Experience; Before Color Prejudice: The Ancient View of Blacks

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  Abraham M. Sonnabend 1914 President, Hotel Corporation of America, Seagrave Corporation, Premier Corporation of America; President, American Jewish Committee, Boston Foundation; Director, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation, American Child Guidance Foundation, Palm Beach Community Chest
  Elmer Ernest Southard 1893 Bullard Professor of Neuropathology, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School; Head, Boston Psychopathic Hospital; President, American Medico-Psychological Association; Author, Shell Shock and Other Neuropsychiatric Problems, Outline of Neuropathology; Pioneered Pathologic Study of the Brain
  John Jones Spooner e. 1764 Captain, Continental Army; Rector, Martin’s Brandon Parish, Episcopal, Virginia; Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Edward Sprague e. 1760 Minister, Dublin, New Hampshire
  Henry Rust Stedman 1867

Physician; Founder, Bournewood Hospital; Co-Founder, American Psychiatric Association; Author, Mental Pitfalls of Adolescence

  Guy L. Steele Jr. 1972

Computer Scientist; Mathematician; Programming Language Editor, Developer (Lisp, Scheme, C, Fortran); Author, Common Lisp the Language, The High Performance Fortran Handbook (with C. Koelbel, D, Loveman, R, Schreiber, M. Zosel), The Java Language Specification (with J. Gosling, B. Joy, G. Bracha); American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  Julian D. Steele 1925 Civil Servant; Social Worker; Urban Planner; President, NAACP – Boston Branch (1945-48); Director, Robert Gould Shaw House; Secretary, United Settlements; Vice President, National Negro Congress; Executive Director, Armstrong-Hemenway Foundation; First Black Moderator, Massachusetts Congregational Christian Conference
  Raymond Bartlett Stevens e. 1885 New Hampshire Representative in Congress (1913-1915); Member, New Hampshire House of Representatives (1909, 1911, 1913, 1923); Vice Chairman, United States Shipping Board (1917-1920; Member/Special Counsel, Federal Trade Commission
  Frederic Henry Stimpson e. 1815 President, Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association
  Charles Augustus Stoddard 1850 Presbyterian Minister, Washington Heights, New York; Editor, New York Observer; Author, Across Russia, Cruising Among the Caribees
  Solomon Stoddard e. 1651 Librarian, Harvard College; Congregational Minister, Northhampton
  Archibald Morrison Stone e. 1840 Minister, Worcester and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  Ebenezer Storer e. 1737 Treasurer, Harvard College
  Horatio Robinson Storer e. 1841 Physician; Numismatist; Founder, Gynaecological Society of Boston
  Moorfield Storey 1862

Lawyer; Civil Rights Leader; Co-Founder, President, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Clerk, United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; Editor, American Law Review; President, American Bar Association; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  William Stoughton e. 1640 Lieutenant Governor, Acting Governor (1694-1699; 1700-1701) and Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court, Province of Massachusetts Bay; Presided at Salem Witch Trials
  William Henry Harrison Stowell 1860 Congressman; Industrialist
  Ellen Stranberg 1982 Managing Director, Head of Institutional Client Transition Excellence Team, TIAA-CREF; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2000
  William L. Strickland 1954 Professor; Founding Member, Institute of the Black World (Independent Black Think Tank); Consultant,"Eyes on the Prize" and "Malcolm X: Make It Plain"
  John Hubbard Sturgis e. 1845 Architect. Original Museum of Fine Arts in Copley Square
  Charles Sumner 1826 United States Senator; Abolitionist: Advocate for Racially Integrated Schools
  Mary Tamer 1985 Consultant; Member, Boston School Committee; Director of Strategic Projects, Boston Charter Alliance; Director of Marketing, Senior Communications Project Manager, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2003
  Charles Henry Taylor 1886 Publisher, The Boston Globe
  Lynne Mooney Teta 1986 Head Master, Boston Latin School (2007-2016), First Female Graduate to Serve as Head Master; Benefactor, Boston Latin School
  Peter Thacher e. 1685 Minister, Weymouth and New North Church, Congregational
  Peter Thacher e. 1759 Minister, First Church, Malden and Church in Brattle Square, Congregational; Member, Massachusetts Constitutional Convention; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member, Massachusetts Historical Society, Massachusetts Humane Society
  Peter Oxenbridge Thacher e. 1785 Judge, Boston Municipal Court
  Samuel Cooper Thacher e. 1796 Minister, New South Church, Unitarian; Usher and Acting Head Master, Boston Latin School (1805)
  Thomas Thacher e. 1635 First Minister, Old South Church, Congregational
  Thomas Thatcher e. 1763 Minister, Dedham
  Thomas Cushing Thacher e. 1784 Minister, First Parish, Congregational, Lynn
  Ebenezer Thayer e. 1742 Minister, First Congregational Church, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
  Joseph Henry Thayer 1846 President, Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis; Unitarian Minister, Quincy and Salem
  Richard Theodore 1956 Artist
  Herbert D. Tobin 1930 Real Estate Developer, Southern California; President, Residential Builders Council; Founder, National Association of Home Builders; Chairman, Ben Gurion University Center for Jewish/Arab Understanding; Member, California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance
  Sidney Topol 1941 Telecom Visionary; Early Champion of HDTV; President, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman, Scientific Atlanta; Chairman, Advanced Television Systems Committee, Electronic Industries Association; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1982
  Joseph Stevens Buckminster Thacher 1828 Judge, Superior Court of Mississippi
  Thomas W. Thompson e. 1779 United States Senator (1814-1817), Representative in Congress (1805-1807), New Hampshire; Speaker, New Hampshire House of Representatives
  Augustus Clifford Tower e. 1867 Member, New York Stock Exchange, Member Governing Committee; President, Rockaway Hunting Club of Long Island
  Edward Davis Townsend 1832 Brigadier General; Adjutant General of the United States Army (1869-1880)
  James Trecothick (James Ivers) e. 1762 Member, British Parliament
  Alfred Charles True 1869 Director, Office of Experimental Stations, United States Department of Agriculture; President, Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experimental Stations
  Benjamin A. Trustman 1918 Attorney; Land Developer; Founding Member of the MA Council for the Arts
  Herbert W. Tucker 1932 Presiding Justice, Dorchester District Court, Edgartown District Court; President, Boston Branch, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  Charles Keating Tuckerman e. 1834 Minister to Greece; Author, The Greeks of To-day, Personal Recollections of Notable People at Home and Abroad
  Edward Tuckerman 1833 Botanist; Professor, Amherst College; Author, Genera Lichenum: An Arrangement of the North American Lichens; eponym: Mt. Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine
  Joseph Tuckerman e. 1789 Minister, Chelsea; First Minister-at-Large, American Unitarian Association, Boston; Founder, Boston Society for the Religious and Moral Improvement of Seamen
  Edward David Towle 1870 Pastor, Unitarian Church, Chelsea; Pastor, Second Unitarian Society, Brookline
  David S. Townsend e. 1801 Paymaster, United States Army
  Edward D. Townsend e. 1827 Adjutant General of the United States Army
  Frederic Tudor e. 1793 Merchant; Boston “Ice King”
  William Tudor e. 1758 Judge Advocate General, Continental Army; Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1808-1810); Co-Founder, Massachusetts Historical Society
  Ebenezer Turell e. 1710 Congregational Minister, Medford
  Isadore Twersky 1947 Nathan Littauer Professor of Hebrew Literature and Philosophy, Harvard University; Fellow, American Academy for Jewish Research; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Hamilton McKown Twombley 1867

Financier; Director, Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, Delaware, Lackawana and Western Railroad, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, New Jersey Shoreline Railroad; Guarantee Trust Company, Mutual Life Insurance Company

  Alexander Stevenson Twombly e. 1844 Minister, Charlestown; Albany, New York; Boston; Author, Hawaii and Its People
  Andrew Tyler e. 1727 Minister, Dedham
  Royall Tyler e. 1765 Lieutenant-Colonel, British Army
  Henry Van Brunt 1850 Architect, Memorial Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge Public Library; President, American Institute of Architects
  Spencer Thomas Vassall e. 1771 Architect; Architectural Writer
  Joe (Joseph) Vila 1886 Sportswriter, Boston Herald, New York Morning Sun; Sports Editor, New York Evening Sun; Honor Roll of Baseball, Baseball Hall of Fame (1946)
  Samuel Henderson Virgin 1862

Pastor, Broadway Church, Congregational, Somerville, Pilgrim Church, Harlem, New York; Chairman, American Tract Society; Chaplain, Sons of the American Revolution

  Andrew Viterbi 1952 Electrical Engineer; Inventor, The Viterbi Algorithm, Co-Founder Linkabit Corp,, Qualcomm, Inc.; President, The Viterbi Group; Professor of Electrical Engineering, UCLA; Recipient, National Medal of Science; Member, National Inventors Hall of Fame; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2006
  Eugene Wade 1988 Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Platform Learning, Inc., UniversityNow, Inc, LearnNow, Inc.; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2004
  Recompense Wadsworth e. 1696 Master, North Grammar School
  Henry Walker 1851 Boston Police Commissioner
  John Walley e. 1723 Minister, Ipswich and Bolton
  Joseph Wanton e. 1740 Loyalist; Deputy Governor, Colony of Rhode Island
  John William Ward 1941 President, Amherst College; Professor of History, Princeton University, Amherst College; Chairman, Commission Concerning State and County Buildings in Massachusetts (Ward Commission); Author, Red, White, & Blue: Men, Books, and Ideas in American Culture; 1971; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1971
  Langdon Lauriston Ward e. 1872 Supervisor, Branches and Delivery Stations, Boston Public Library
  John Fothergill Waterhouse Ware e. 1827 Minister, Arlington Street Church, Unitarian
  Loammi Goodenow Ware 1846 Minister, Burlington, Vermont

 Distinguished Graduate (DG)  Upper Frieze  Upper Frieze & DGA  Lower Frieze  Lower Frieze & DGA  Upper, Lower & DGA  Outstanding Recent Graduate

  Name Class Yr./
Yr. Entered (e.)
  John Collins Warren e. 1786 President, American Medical Association, Massachusetts Medical Society; Co-Founder, Massachusetts General Hospital; Hersey Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Harvard; Dean, Harvard Medical School; First Public Demonstration of Ether Anesthesia (1846); Co-Founder, New England Journal of Medicine; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Jonathan Mason Warren e. 1820 Physician; First Administration of Anesthesia to a Child; Pioneer in Rhinoplasty and Cleft Palate Surgery
  Francis Tucker Washburn 1860

Minister, First Parish, Unitarian, Milton

  Bertram Gordon Waters e. 1884 All-American Football Player, Harvard University (1892, 1894); Head Football Coach, Harvard (1896); Lawyer
  Edward Webster e. 1830 Major, United States Army
  Charles Luke Wells e. 1870 Historian; Author, The Age of Charlemagne; Outlines and Documents of English Constitutional History during the Middle Ages
  Joseph H. Wellings 1921 Rear Admiral, United States Navy; Assistant Chief of Naval Operations (1957-1958); Vice Director, Joint Chiefs of Staff (1958-1962); Author, On His Majesty’s Service: Observations of the British Home Fleet from the Diary, Reports, and Letters of Joseph H. Wellings, Assistant U. S. Naval Attaché, London, 1940-41
  Edward Winslow Wellington 1870 Entrepreneur; Founder, Developer, Carneiro and Ellsworth, Kansas
  William Welsteed e. 1705 Librarian, Harvard College; Minister, New Brick Church, Congregational
  Clifton Reginald Wharton Jr. 1943 President, Michigan State University; 1st African American University President & Fortune 100 Chairman (TIAA-CREF); Chancellor, State University of New York; Chairman, Rockefeller Foundation; U.S. Deputy Secretary of State; Economist; Author, Privilege and Prejudice: The Life of a Black Pioneer; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1970
  William Marcy Whidden e. 1867 Architect; Portland, Oregon City Hall; Gilbert Building; Hamilton Building; Postal Building
  Arthur H. White 1941 Vice Chairman, Yankelovich, Skelly, & White; Co-Founder, Reading Is Fundamental; National Commission for Employment Policy
  Helen Magill White e. 1863

First Female Ph.D. in America; Only Female to Attend Boston Latin School before 1972

  John Silas White e. 1864 Author-Editor, The Boys’ and Girls’ Herodotus
  Theodore H. White 1932 Journalist, Historian, Novelist; Author, Thunder Out of China (with Annalee Jacoby); The Mountain Road; The Making of the President, 1960 (and 1964, 1968, 1972); Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon; In Search of History: A Personal Adventure; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1977
  Wallace Barnard White e. 1832 Chief Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court
  William Henry Chase Whiting e. 1835 Brigadier General, Confederate Army
  James Morris Whiton 1848 Congregational Minister, Lynn; Newark, New Jersey; New York City; Author, Is Eternal Punishment Endless?
  George Whittemore 1853 Sergeant, United States Army (d. 1862, Antietam)
  William Whitwell e. 1748 Minister, First Church, Congregational, Marblehead
  John Fremont Wilber e. 1870 Author, Progress and Its Enemies, Showing the Fallacy of the Single Tax Theory
  Frank Wildes 1860 Rear Admiral, United States Navy
  Josiah Willard e. 1689 Librarian, Harvard College, Secretary, Province of Massachusetts Bay
  Samuel Willard e. 1712 Congregational Minister, Biddeford, Maine
  Pelham William e. 1844 Rector, Church of the Messiah
  Francis Henry Williams e. 1862

Author, The Roentgen Rays in Medicine and Surgery; President, Association of American Physicians; Pioneer in Radiation Therapy

  Henry Willard Williams e. 1833 President, Massachusetts Medical Society; Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School; Founder, President, American Ophthalmological Society
  Nathaniel Williams e. 1682 Head Master, Boston Latin School (1708-1734), First Alumnus to Serve
  Nathaniel Parker Willis e. 1817 Author, The Romance of Travel, People I Have Met; Editor (Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  Richard Storrs Willis e. 1830 Composer, Carol (It Came Upon the Midnight Clear); Music Critic, New York Tribune; Editor, The Musical Times
  John Wilson e. 1635 Congregational Minister, Dorchester and Medfield
  Clifton Ellis Wing e. 1863 Physician; Author, On Unnecessary Surgical Operations in the Treatment of the Diseases of Women
  Frederick Winsor 1847 Surgeon, United States Army, Civil War; Head, Massachusetts State Hospital
  Justin Winsor 1849 Librarian, Harvard University; Superintendent, Boston Public Library; Historian, The Memorial History of Boston; Co- Founder, President, American Library Association; Co-Founder, President, American Historical Association
  Robert Charles Winthrop 1824 Speaker, United States House of Representatives (1847-1849); Representative in Congress (1040-1850); United States Senator (1850-1851); Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1838-1840); President, Massachusetts Historical Society; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  William Winthrop (Andrews) 1824 United States Consul, Malta
  Sidney Wolk 1953 Founder, Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, The Cross Country Group; Benefactor, Boston Latin School; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2015
  James Haughton Woods 1883 Professor of Philosophy, Translator, Pali and Sanskrit Scriptures; Author, Practice and Science of Religion: A Study of Method in Comparative Religion
  William Gustavus Woodward e. 1820 Judge, Superior Court, Iowa
  William Worthy 1937 Journalist, Baltimore African-American; Head, African-American Program, Boston University; Annenberg Chair, Howard University; Nieman Fellow, Harvard University; Author, The Rape of Our Neighborhoods
  William Arthur Worton 1913 Major General, United States Marine Corps; Chief, Los Angeles Police Department
  John Joseph Wright 1927 Roman Catholic Bishop, Worcester, Pittsburgh; Cardinal; First American Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Rome; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1954 (formerly the Graduate of the Year Award, Inaugural Recipient)
  Daniel Yankelovich 1942 Social Scientist; Founder, Yankelovich, Skelly, & White, Inc. (Marketing Research); Founder, New York Times/Yankelovich Poll (Now New York Times/CBS Poll); Psychology Professor, New York University, New School for Social Research; Author, Uniting America: Restoring the Vital Center to American Democracy; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 2007
  Raffi Yessayan 1986 Justice, Superior Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Author. Eight in the Box, 2 in the Hat; Boston Latin School Outstanding Recent Graduate 2001
  Bryant W. York


Professor, Research Director, Computer Science Department, Portland State University; National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for Computer Information Science and Engineering; Founding Member, African American Scholars for Citizenship and Community; NSF Equal Opportunity Award 1991; Top 50 African Americans in Technology; Association for Computing Machinery Fellow

  Alexander Young e. 1816 Minister, New South Church, Unitarian; Secretary, Boston Latin School Association
  Paul Zoll 1928 Physician; Inventor, Cardiac Pacemaker; Credited with the First Successful Use of External Defibrillation; Boston Latin School Distinguished Graduate Award 1974

Some class years and entering years are approximate. "—" indicates the year entered is unknown at this time.
Sources include:; Boston Public Schools website; BLS Archives