School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is the governing / advisory body at each school. The School Site Council is comprised of equal numbers of parents and staff, in addition to two student representatives. Parents on the School Site Council are accountable to the School Parent Council and are elected by the School Parent Council of the school.

Information, meeting minutes, presentations and parent resources are available by clicking the link below:

2019-2020 School Site Council Parent Representatives:
Co-Chair: Magda Hernandez
Alternate Co-Chair: Jackie DeLisi
Co-Clerk: Kelly Chase
Co-Clerk: Yan Ou
Parent Rep: Yang (Rob) Li
Parent Rep: Alexandra Taieb
Parent Rep: Alan Tian
Alternate 1: Julie Ecker
Alternate 2: Barbara Peterlin
Alternate 3: Vonnessa Goode-Knight
Alternate 4: Wanjiku Mwangi

2019-2020 School Site Council Staff Representatives:
Headmaster / Co-Chair: Rachel Skerritt
Teacher Rep: Cate Arnold
Teacher Rep: Patty Chouinard
Teacher Rep: Theresa Cojohn
Teacher Rep: Christopher Grammer
Teacher Rep: Andrea Encarnacao Martin
Teacher Rep: Tracy O'Donnell

2019-2020 School Site Council Student Representatives:
Student Rep: Julia Rivera, Class I
Student Rep: Ludovico Rollo, Class II

2019-2020 School Site Council Community Representative:
BLSA: Peter Kelly