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Sumus Primi

With its roots dating back to 1635, Boston Latin School is a six-year college preparatory school which provides a rigorous academic program in the classical tradition and which fosters the pursuit of excellence. Latin School serves an economically and culturally diverse population of students in grades 7 to 12. It is also an institution that provides the groundwork for full participation in our economy and society, preparing students to be both productive citizens in a democracy and responsible adults who have an awareness of global issues.


Boston Latin School seeks to ground its students in a contemporary classical education as preparation for successful college studies, responsible and engaged citizenship, and a rewarding life.

Oldest School - Newest Thinking

Recognizing the importance of the development of the whole person, the intellect, the body and the spirit. Boston Latin School combines the traditional with the modern. The study of languages, literature, art, music, history, as well as ancient and modern cultures provides exposure to the ideas and values that have shaped civilizations throughout the world. The study of mathematics, science, and computers provides the basis for both an understanding of the natural world and a competency in modern technology. Physical and health education help maintain a sound mind and body. These required studies, taken together, are intended to inspire a love for learning, establish a sense of self-worth, and provide the skills needed to pursue further knowledge in college and throughout life.

Graduation Requirements

The academic requirements for graduation from Boston Latin School are:
  • English: 4 years (grades 9-12) and a research paper
  • History: 3 years, including either U.S. History or AP U.S. History
  • Science: 3 years
  • Mathematics: 4 years (high school mathematics starting with Algebra 1)
  • Modern Foreign Language: 4 years
  • Latin: 4 years (if entering in grade 7)  or  3 years (if entering in grade 9)
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