Classes & Reunions
Reunion Committees: An Expansion of the Class Committee

Reunion provides an excellent opportunity to get involved with the BLSA. Every class has its own personality, and alumni involvement is the best way for us to recognize those personalities. Any and all class members are invited to serve on their reunion committees

The following is a general overview of the function of the Reunion Committee; each class will have different needs:
  • Review class list to help update information, especially finding “lost” classmates and building our e-mail database.
  • Make personal outreach (calls and e-mails) to classmates inviting them to attend and participate in reunion activities.
  • Start a Facebook group or support existing class social media efforts to get your classmates excited; we can include a link to the group(s) on our electronic communications.
  • Draft and sign correspondence to classmates, as well as personalize reunion registration materials.
  • Register early for reunion events.
  • Make a gift to support BLS/BLSA and encourage classmates to support the reunion class gift as well.
If you would like more information about serving on your reunion committee, please contact Marybeth Oskowski at the BLSA.