Student Information System (SIS)
SIS - Student Information System

Students in SIS are promoted to their next grade over the summer, and SIS activation codes can only be issued after August 19. Please note that schedules will not be finalized until right up to the first day of school and are subject to change until then.

Parent Login Information
Parents must activate their SIS account before they can log into the system. DO NOT CHOOSE "I have no children enrolled in a BPS school".

To activate your account, please contact Patrick Hourigan at with the following information:

Your name
The student's name
The student's BPS ID number

We will send you your SIS Security Code.  Use the Security Code and your last name to create your account.

To change your contact e-mail address or phone number, please e-mail Patrick Hourigan at

Student Login Information
Students can log into SIS using their BPS ID and password. New students must activate their accounts on a school computer before logging into SIS.

Password Reset Information
If you have already created your SIS account but forgot your password, visit and click on the Reset Your Password link on the lower left.

Questions? Please contact Patrick Hourigan at