Core Competencies

Our Mission Statement:

Boston Latin School seeks to ground its students in a contemporary classical education as preparation for successful college studies, responsible and engaged citizenship, and a rewarding life.

In support of the school's core values and beliefs around preparing students for college, civic engagement, and a rewarding life, the community has identified 21st century learning expectations for all students defined by school-wide analytic rubrics.

Reading (rubric)

Students will utilize higher order thinking skills as they read authentic material from a variety of perspectives, cultures and academic disciplines.

Writing (rubric)

Students will write competently and creatively, having mastered language conventions including rhetorical, stylistic, and grammatical structures.

Speaking and Presenting (rubric)

Students will communicate clearly and effectively in prepared and extemporaneous speech.

Researching (rubric)

Students will generate questions and use informed research and technological methodologies to evaluate information and synthesize new and innovative ideas.

Problem Solving (rubric)

Students will develop and apply problem solving skills across disciplines and settings.

Social Responsibility (rubric)

Students will be open minded, respectful, responsible and engaged members of the school community.

Civic Engagement (rubric)

Students will utilize leadership skills through active involvement and advocacy within the larger community.

Global Awareness

Students will demonstrate their global understanding and growth as engaged global citizens.