Wolk Innovation Center
A Prima Perpetua Campaign gift by Sidney Wolk ’53, founder, chairman & CEO of The Cross Country Group, has established The Wolk Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at BLS. Its mission envisions improving the human condition by opening the eyes of our students to the powerful opportunities waiting to be seized by those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Center supports BLS student involvement in the after-school Babson College Boston Challenge, a program that helps enterprising students turn their ideas into action. During the 2015 competition eight BLS teams participated and our students earned the Problem Solver Award and 2nd runner up to the Boston Cup. In May 2014, BLS fielded five teams in the challenge earning 3 of 4 awards conferred, including the inaugural Boston Cup first place award.

Senior Capstone/Advanced Research Experience program is also sponsored by the Wolk Center. The Capstone program faculty leads Judi Freeman and Jeff Mikalaitis have brought back inspiration from the Capstone Consortium Summit in California, formalizing BLS’ trailblazing strides – prima perpetua – in a mainly private school-oriented Capstone movement.