Campaign Leadership
Dear Friends,

Do you remember how it felt to sit in the assembly hall at 78 Avenue Louis Pasteur and lift your eyes to the amazing parade of names on the upper and lower friezes? Few schools can point to such a distinguished list of graduates who have changed the world. And no other public school in America can claim the title of “first.”

For almost 400 years, Boston Latin School has been forming the intellect and character of leaders in almost every walk of life. As a member of our community, you are part of this long, illustrious and continuing tradition.

From its beginnings, BLS has maintained a position of leadership in secondary education. Over time, programs and practices have adapted to meet the demands of a growing nation in an ever-changing world. Today, the school faces the pressing need to prepare students for challenges arising from advances in science and technology, along with increased demands for innovation within a complex world. These shifts place a premium on the type of education at which BLS has long excelled, one that develops skills in problem-solving, analytical reasoning, clear communication and the ability to function in a multi-faceted global environment.

Our students are among the most gifted high achievers in the world. Our mission—as it always has been—is to ensure that these exceptional young men and women receive a vibrant, rigorous education that challenges, inspires and supports the whole student in mind, spirit and body—encouraging all to reach their highest potential.

BLS and the Boston Latin School Association (BLSA) partner closely to ensure the school’s success. The BLSA raises funds to enrich the educational environment and to ensure that academic, artistic, athletic and community leadership programs are the mutually supporting pillars of this powerful learning experience. Since 1844, alumni, parents and friends of the school have made this experience possible through the BLS/BLSA partnership. Our calling today—to ensure that this great institution from which we have all benefited remains vibrant for generations to come—is as vital as it has ever been. The responsibility is ours.

Today we ask you to join us as we embark on a $50 million campaign—Prima Perpetua—to secure the future of Boston Latin School. We need your help. Your vision and generosity will determine our success in keeping Boston Latin School Prima Perpetua—first forever!

Peter G. Kelly ’83
BLSA President
Charles I. Clough Jr. ’60
Prima Perpetua Campaign Co-Chair
Michael A. Leven '55
Prima Perpetua Campaign Co-Chair