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Prima Perpetua The Campaign for Boston Latin School

After six years of campaigning and soliciting gifts from 8,450 donors, a total of $54,040,201 was raised in support of America's first public school. The success of the Prima Perpetua Campaign owes to many people. Lead donors set an early precedent through remarkably generous gifts that gave an early lift to our efforts and inspired confidence in thousands of others. Current and former headmasters led with their own generous philanthropy and worked indefatigably to keep the work of the campaign among the many demands of their work. And through their success, gratitude, and boundless optimism, the students of alma mater reminded us every day of why the work was so important. Thank you to everyone who made this historic effort such a resounding success.

GOAL: $5,000,000 Raised: $6,664,950
Goal: $4,000,000 Raised: $7,648,952
GOAL: $5,000,000 Raised: $3,848,348
GOAL: $5,000,000 Raised: $3,815,214
Goal: $16,000,000 Raised: $6,986,844
Goal: $15,000,000 Raised: $23,894,881
Goal: $0 Raised: $1,181,012

Campaign Leadership Giving

A total of $16,935,527 was raised in unrestricted gifts and Annual Fund. $6,959,354 was raised in restricted gifts for purposes other than those sought in the campaign plan. An additional $40,801,577 came in via cash, securities, and pledges. $13,238,624 was secured via planned gifts and gifts-in-kind.

A Look Back

The leadership of the school and the BLSA, steadfastly committed to a thoughtful approach to BLS’ appropriate evolution of classical education to meet the needs of students in the 21st century, conducted a strategic planning process beginning in 2012. The plan that emerged from the process strategically focused BLS on five priorities:
➢ Building a 21st Century Curriculum
➢ Promoting Active and Engaged Learning
➢ Enhancing the Learning Environment
➢ Developing the Whole Student
➢ Leveraging Partnerships to Enhance Curriculum and Community

The Association launched the quiet phase of the campaign on July 1, 2013, with the expressed objectives to elevate teaching and learning at Boston Latin School. In November 2014, with $27.1 million in commitments in hand, the Prima Perpetua Campaign was publicly launched and our efforts concluded in a Celebration of BLS in November 2018.

A Look Ahead - Ambitions As Yet Unfulfilled

For all our success, a great deal of work remains. Over the course of the campaign, several new needs emerged that were not in the scope of our original plan, while some significant plan objectives were not achieved. Among the areas for which the funding need still exists are:
➢ Team-specific athletics endowments
➢ Renovations to the Assembly Hall, Keefe Library, both gymnasia, and science labs
➢ Upgrades to athletics facilities, including the weight room and training areas
➢ Endowments to secure robust student mental health services
➢ Program resources for the BLSA’s community-building mission

While our intensive period of campaigning has concluded, our need for annual funding support continues as does the need to contemplate another campaign in the 2020s. We hope that we can count on your ongoing support to maintain Latin School’s legacy of academic excellence for future generations of Boston’s best and brightest students.

To discuss your interest in supporting Boston Latin School, please contact BLSA Director of Alumni Engagement & Philanthropy Nicole Dumas '90 at (617) 424-1635 ext. 135.